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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
Victoria United 4 - 1 Lochee United
Kick Off:    Watt, Watt, McPherson, McKenzie (pen)       D. McLaren  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
At Victoria Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen, Victoria United met their opponents of the previous Saturday - Lochee United - in a Northern League fixture. The afternoon was an ideal one, and the crowd one of the largest soon at Torry this season. Mr Anderson, Forfar, was referee, and the elevens were: Victoria: W. Allan; McNeil, A. Allan; Dundas, Moffat, McKenzie; Black, Henderson, Watt, J. Ritchie, R. Ritchie. Lochee: Roberts; McIntosh, Taylor; McNally, Reid, Haxton; Morrice, E. McLaren, D. McLaren, Walls, Forrest. With a combined rush the ground team attacked the Lochee citadel, but the defence withstood the onslaught well, the backs clearing successfully. The relief was only temporary, however, for again the homesters returned. Some fine work in front of goal ensued, shot after shot being directed, towards Roberts. At length the ball found a place in the net, Watt smartly heading through from a pass by Ritchie. Play continued very fast, the Aberdeen men if anything having the best of matters. The Dundonians, however, showed a capital defence, defying all the efforts of the homesters to again score. By a skilful manoeuvre, Lochee ultimately broke away and raced to the other end, where D. McLaren, off a pass from the left, was successful in equalising with a high shot. A few minutes later, Henderson, one of the home forwards, received severe kick in the side and had to retire for the remainder of the game. His absence seriously incommoded the local front line, and the attacking power of the team was thus considerably diminished. Up to half-time play was about equally divided and ends were changed with the score: Victoria 1, Lochee 1.

On play being resumed, the visitors' citadel had a visit from the "Blues," and several times it seemed to be at their mercy. Continuing the aggressive, the Victoria United were, shortly afterwards placed one goal ahead by Watt, who beat Roberts in beautiful fashion. The play now degenerated somewhat, Lochee resorting to somewhat questionable practices, for which they were brought to task by the referee. D. McLaren, one of the Lochee players left the field without any apparent reason, and both teams were now a man short. Towards the close, the home forwards were soon to advantage, Watt and McPherson especially being conspicuous in front of goal. Dundas, late of Dundee, also showed up well, feeding the forwards in splendid style. McPherson put on a third goal, and McKenzie registered a fourth from a penalty kick.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 22nd November 1897

A surprisingly large crowd turned out at Torry to witness Vics play Lochee United. Dundas, the famous Dundee half back, donned the Blues colours, and took up his position at right half. Watt again occupied the centre. The opening passages were all in favour of the Vics, and it was not long before Watt opened the scoring. Shortly after this Henderson, the Vics' brilliant left winger, received a severe injury and had to be immediately treated. Handicapped as they were with only ten men, the Blues monopolised nearly all the play. Lochee had evidently journeyed in holiday form. Two of their number wanted to fight with one another, and the game was stopped for a few minutes. We have seen two opponents want to fight, but never two of the same team. The Dundonians managed to equalise before half time, which finished 1-1.

On resuming, Vics opened strongly notwithstanding that Henderson was absent. Lochee were completely hemmed in. From a scrimmage Moffat put the finishing touch on the second goal. The game got decidedly rough, and fouls were numerous. Lochee centre left the field, evidently having enough of the game. Black scored a third goal, and from a penalty McKenzie secured the fourth. A poor game ended: Vics 4, Lochee 1.

Short Kicks.

Lochee cannot be congratulated on a portion of their team appearance on Saturday. It was just about as much as one or two of them could do to run. Their centre would make a small fortune as chief comedian in a pantomime. His efforts amused the crowd greatly.
The backs and goal keeper played a strong game, and that was the only redeeming feature of the visitors' display.
Early in the game Henderson came in contact with an opponent's elbow, and had to retire rather severely hurt.
Watt got another chance at centre. He appeared to be rather timid. A little dash would have got him at least a couple of goals. During the latter part of the game he improved greatly. He undoubtedly has football in him and only wants coaching to bring it out. Dundas was quite a treat to witness. His play all through was of a high order, and his judgment well-nigh perfect. He should prove a tower of strength to the Vics middle line. Forfar Athletic expected him to turn out at Chanonry but the Blues were one too many for them.
Moffat put in a lot of hard work at centre half and had an able companion in McKenzie.
The forwards were greatly handicapped through Henderson's absence and did not do themselves justice.
When, oh when, are the Vics going to finish with eleven men? They'll have to start a private hospital shortly, if they go on at this rate.
McNeill and the brothers Allan were as safe as usual.
We don't expect ever to see a perfect referee but would like to occasionally have one rather better than the one who officiated on Saturday. The rough play was entirely owing to the referee not having sufficient control over the players.

Source: Bon-Accord, 25th November 1897

Victoria United Teamsheet:  W. Allan; McNeil, A. Allan; Dundas, Moffat, McKenzie; Black, Henderson, Watt, J. Ritchie, R. Ritchie


Lochee United Teamsheet:  Roberts; McIntosh, Taylor; McNally, Reid, Haxton; Morrice, E. McLaren, D. McLaren, Walls, Forrest


Referee: Mr. Anderson, Forfar

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