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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup First Round 
The Aberdeen 4 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Shiach, Clark, J. Mackie, ?       R. Ritchie, McIlvenny, McIlvenny  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Freed for a Saturday from Northern League fixtures. Aberdeen and Victoria United met at Chanonry to contest the first tie in the opening round of the Aberdeenshire Cup competition. Quite a large crowd turned up at Chanonry. The ground was sodden, and under the circumstances, the general opinion was that the referee Mr. W. McLeod of Cowlairs, would declare the tie off. Contrary to expectation, however, the referee decided that the ground was in fit condition, and the game was therefore proceeded with. The players were: Aberdeen: Smyth; Davidson, McConnachie; Henderson, Davidson, Thomson; J. Mackie, Gray, C. W. Mackie, Clark, Shiach. United: Allan; McNeil, McKenzie; Dundas, Moffat, Craig; McPherson, Henderson, McIlvenny, G. Ritchie, R. Ritchie. Victoria United won the toss, and Aberdeen kicked off. Play for a time was mostly in favour of the Victoria, but the members of both elevens were considerably handicapped by the slippery nature of the ground. A prolonged attack by the visitors culminated in R. Ritchie opening the scoring with a well-directed shot. Aberdeen afterwards made determined efforts to obtain the upper hand, but the United kept them well within their own quarters. At length, McIlvenny added a second goal from a fine pass from McPherson gradually Aberdeen worked their way to the other end. Shiach put on the first point for the Chanonry team, and in a few minutes Clark equalised with a beautiful shot. From a determined attack, McIlvenny placed a third goal to the credit, of the visitors. When ends were changed the Victoria were leading by 3 goals to 2. Aberdeen were seen to greater advantage in the second period, and the game had not been long restarted before J. Mackie equalised. The Torry forwards did not display same combination as in the first, half, with result that their attacks lost dash and precision in front of goal. A couple of corners fell to the Whites, but both were unproductive. The United several times invaded but on every occasion the Aberdeen defence proved equal to the emergency. In the closing stages Aberdeen made a determined effort to secure the winning point, and in this they were successful, Allan being beaten by a shot from the left.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 13th December 1897


Short Kicks.

Neither of the competing teams will get rich off Saturday's gate. The amount drawn reached about 8.
It was a wonder to most folks that a cup tie was played, but the ground although heavy was in fair order.
One of the most pleasant outcomes of the game was the revival of the Whites. Very few present expected them to come out top against such a team as the Vics had on.
At the commencement it looked like a walk over for the Blues but on C. W. Mackie going centre, matters assumed quite a different aspect.
The Aberdeen forwards then began to play the long passing game and their grand speed soon began to tell against the Blues.
All the five put in good work and beat the Vics defence repeatedly.
Shiach on Aberdeen's left was the star performer. There were some rare tussles between McNeil and him, the little man usually having the best of it.
Clark fed Shiach most judiciously and had a considerable say in the victory.
What Aberdeen have wanted for some time was a centre with plenty of dash, and in C. W. Mackie they have got the missing link. His play was of immense service to his side and undoubtedly had he been kept outside right the Vics would have got into the semi-final.
David Gray was tricky as ever, while J. Mackie had some fine runs and his centreing was always accurate.
The halves played a hard game, Joe Davidson putting in any amount of work.
Towards the finish the backs came out much stronger than at the commencement, and successfully repelled the Vics' attack during the second half.
Tom Smith kept a good goal.
On the Vics' side Allan in goal was weak. McKenzie did not manage to fill Allan's shoes at back. McNeill did a lot of good things, but often got beat by the Whites' left.
Dundas was off colour. Moffat worked very hard, and Craig also did well.
McIlveney attracted a good deal of attention, and gives promise of being a decided acquisition to the Blues. He had some very fine touches in his play, but want of training was painfully apparent.
Henderson gave his usually fine exhibition, and was ably supported by Black.
Robbie Ritchie has always been handicapped through want of a good support. This is still a weak place in the team.
The win should do Aberdeen an amount of good, for of late the team have been going very poorly.
During the second half, in particular, their play was all that anyone could desire - a marked contrast to their display of the previous week.
Aberdeen's players received a substantial bonus for their victory. The joy in the Chanonry camp knew no bounds, and it was not to be wondered at.
It was rather a mistake for Mr. C. W. Mackie to go half back after the fourth goal was put on. In our opinion the best defence is a strong attack.
Vics have protested on three grounds. First, darkness; second, sawdust being put down at Aberdeen's goal without the consent of the opposing team and the referee; third, C. W. Mackie, having been a professional referee, is thereby ineligible.
We await with interest the result of the committee's deliberations on the three points.
The next meeting between the two clubs should be worth going a long way to see.

Source: Bon-Accord, 16th December 1897

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; Davidson, McConnachie; Henderson, Davidson, Thomson; J. Mackie, Gray, C. W. Mackie, Clark, Shiach


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Allan; McNeil, McKenzie; Dundas, Moffat, Craig; McPherson, Henderson, McIlvenny, G. Ritchie, R. Ritchie


Referee: Mr. W. McLeod, Cowlairs

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