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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Victoria United 4 - 4 Mossend Swifts
Kick Off:    Ritchie, Henderson, McIlvenny, McIlvenny       Riley, Houston, A. Main, Ellis  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Vics in Fine Form.
This match came off at Tony before a large number of spectators. The teams lined up an follows: Victoria: Findlay; Kilgour, Allan; Dundas, Moffat, Annand, Black, Burnett, McIlvenny, Henderson, Ritchie. Mossend Swifts: Russell; McKenny, Main; Strang, Taylor, Kerr; A. Thomson, Ellis, A. Main, Riley, Houston. Mr James Ritchie referee. The Vics won the toss. The Swifts fixed on the ball, and running down Riley beat Findlay. Resuming operations, Ritchie scored for the Vics with a smart shot. Fixing on the ball at the kick off the Vics' forwards, by a piece of beautiful combination, forced a corner off Main, and Black placing nicely, Henderson put the home team one up. A. Main soon afterwards gave Findlay a scorcher to hold out. Play was quickly transferred, and Henderson passed to McIlvenny, who had no difficulty in beating Russell. Henderson worked the ball up along with McIlvenny, who again beat Russell. The Mossend came off with a rush, and Houston beat Kilgour. In a scrimmage at the goalmouth Main scored, and, a foul off Ritchie let the visitors down, Findlay getting some hot shots to negotiate. Play was afterwards better distributed. At half time the United were leading by 4 to 3.

The Vics resumed with ten men, Annand having retired with an injury to his knee. The game was pretty equal, and the Vics backs being both weak, they allowed Ellis to equalise. Both teams made periodical visits to each other's goal, but nothing resulted, and the match ended: Victoria United 4, Mossend Swifts 4.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 27th December 1897

Owing to the falling through of the Gershon Cup competition, Vics arranged for a visit of the Mossend Swifts, a team who have yet to get their colours lowered in Aberdeen. The Blues gave Captain Dan a day off seeing nothing was at stake, and Annand once more stripped to take up his old position at half back, playing instead of McKenzie. Swifts kicked off, but their pass was caught up, and Black shot past. The visitors retaliated and Riley opened the scoring for them. They did not long hold the lead, for Bobbie Ritchie scored with a scorcher almost immediately afterwards. A lovely combined run ended in a corner. Black placed well and Henderson scored. Henderson was mainly responsible for the third goal, but McIlvenny gave the last touch to it The same two, shortly afterwards, worked the ball up the field, and McIlvenny scored the fourth and what turned out to be their last goal. From a scrimmage Main scored for the visitors, and before half time Ellis succeeded in getting the ball past Findlay a third time. Annand, who had been playing a good game, had to retire about five minutes before the interval owing to his knee giving way. Resuming with ten men, Vics gave a wonderfully good exhibition, although the forwards were greatly handicapped through Henderson falling back into Annand's place. Ellis was fortunate in securing the equalising point. Some good play was witnessed until the finish, Vics having decidedly hard lines on a number of occasions, but no further scoring took place, and Mossend Swifts succeeded in keeping intact their unbeaten record in games played at Aberdeen.

Short Kicks.

A good crowd turned out to the Vics' friendly with Mossend.
Findlay occupied the goal, and McNeil stood down and allowed Kilgour of the 2nd XI to show his paces.
What an ovation Jack Annand got as he stepped on the field for the first time since his injury in the match against Hibs.
Jamie Ritchie officiated as knight of the whistle very well.
Annand was quickly to the front by blocking a dangerous rush and grassing the man, just to show he had not forgot the knack.
Moffat fairly revelled in his work, and created great amusement among the spectators.
After the fourth goal the Vics fell away. They seemed quite content with 4 goals, but they should take Oliver Twist's tip and still "holler for more."
Annand had to retire, his knee giving way, and so disappears another star from the football world. For years Annand's name has been associated with the Torry club, and his play has had a deal to do with the many trophies the Vics have won. It is with a sigh of regret that we see this brilliant half back retire.
Kilgour improved on his former play, his punting being splendid. Allan was too rash.
McIlvenny skimmed the bar with a rare shot.
The new man can shoot and no mistake. The critics of a week ago must feel small. Keep it up, Harry.
This is the sixth time this season the Vics have finished with ten men; not for a minute or two towards the finish, but having to play 60 or 80 minutes each time. Are they never to get out of bad luck?

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th December 1897

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; Kilgour, Allan; Dundas, Moffat, Annand, Black, Burnett, McIlvenny, Henderson, Ritchie


Mossend Swifts Teamsheet:  Russell; McKenny, Main; Strang, Taylor, Kerr; A. Thomson, Ellis, A. Main, Riley, Houston


Referee: Mr. James Ritchie

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