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AFC - Match Report
match report 1897-98 fixture list
Orion 4 - 0 Dunfermline
Kick Off:    Hogg, Webster, Webster, Grant        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Easy Win for Orion.
At Cattofield in splendid weather, and before a good attendance. Teams: Dunfermline: Brown; McPherson, Muir; Strachan, Taylor, Doig, Turner, Cameron, Atherton, W. Turner, Anderson. Orion: Mackie; Scott; Ross, Currie, Low, Howie, Hogg; Wilson, Grant, A. Macfarlane, Webster. Mr Philip was referee. Orion started uphill, and kept the opposing defence busy for some time. Three changes were made in the home team Mackie, Peterhead, playing for McBean, Howie for Dawson, and Grant in place of Thom. Brown made an early display of his abilities, which were of no mean order. Orion had the best of the play during the first half, but there had been no goals scored when the whistle blew.

The opening of the second period gave promise of better football than the first, Hogg sending in an unnegotiable shot. Alterations were made in Orion's front line, Webster and Grant changing places. Wilson next had a try in the centre position, but goals were hard to get against Dunfermline's defence. Webster at last got past Brown for the second time, and followed with a third a minute after. Orion was now making a general improvement, and Grant added a fourth goal with a splendid shot. Corners were prolific for Orion, but nothing came of them, and the game ended: Orion 4, Dunfermline 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 27th December 1897

Dunfermline were entertained at Cattofield, and before a fairly large crowd succumbed to the home eleven. The Stripes had a number of changes in their team, but none of them were an improvement on the old eleven. The visitors' goalkeeper was early called on to show his powers and he came out of the ordeal with flying colours. So well did he perform that at half time there was no scoring. The lemons did not take long to dispose of and the second period, which was productive of much better football, was commenced. Hogg opened the scoring with a grand shot. The other forwards worked with a will to secure a second but could not get the ball through. Webster had a try at Centre but soon gave way to Wilson. Goals, however, were difficult to get, and it was some time ere Webster got through No. 2. The same player added a third a minute later, and before call of time, Grant increased the score to four. Orion had all the play towards the finish.

Short Kicks.

McBean, Dawson, and Thom were absent from Orion's team. Mackie of Peterhead played in goal; Howie from Stonehaven was tried at half; and A. McFarlane once more appeared in the front line.
Grant tried the centre position but did not make much of it. Webster then had a turn but he was worse. Wilson was most successful.
Mackie did what he had to do in good style. Some of his clearing was greatly admired.
Howie lacks experience and will have to come a good bit yet before he is class for Orion.
The want of Thom makes an immense difference to the effectiveness of the forwards.
Hogg was in grand shooting form. With a less efficient man between the visitors' posts the score would have been much larger.

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th December 1897

Orion Teamsheet:  Mackie; Scott; Ross, Currie, Low, Howie, Hogg; Wilson, Grant, A. Macfarlane, Webster


Dunfermline Teamsheet:  Brown; McPherson, Muir; Strachan, Taylor, Doig, Turner, Cameron, Atherton, W. Turner, Anderson


Referee: Mr. James Philip, Aberdeen

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