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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
Victoria United 1 - 1 Dundee Wanderers
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
In fine football weather, Victoria United at Torry met the Dundee Wanderers under Northern League auspices. There was a large crowd of spectators. Mr James Black, Forfar, was referee, and the players were: United: Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Dundas, Moffatt, Mackenzie; Black, Henderson, McIlvenny, Burnett, Ritchie. Wanderers: Stewart; Allan, Ferguson; Ireland, Bell, McColl; Peat, Graham, Durward, Williamson, Simpson. The visitors had the opening advantage, but were unable to outmanoeuvre the defence of the home eleven. There was no scoring till the end of the first half, when Dundee opened as the result of a combined attack on the home custodian by the forwards. When ends were changed, the visitors were still loading one goal to nil. Spirited play characterised the commencement of the second period, the home quintette attacking in splendid style. Williamson netted the ball, but he was given off-side by the referee, and the point was disallowed. A protracted siege on the Victoria citadel ensued, the defence being severely tested, but the United soon became the aggressors, and continued to press for some time. A shot from the right struck the inside of one of the Wanderers' uprights, the ball rebounding into play, and the referee awarded a goal to the home players a decision which was warmly disputed by the Dundonians. The teams now being equal, both exerted themselves to obtain a winning point, but neither succeeded. The game ended: Victoria United, 1; Dundee Wanderers, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th December 1897

Vics had Saturday all to themselves, and got a large crowd to witness their first game against Wanderers this season. More experiments were tried with the team. Findlay played instead of Allan, and Twick Burnett, whose compulsory retirement-time is now up, occupied the inside left position. Wanderers opened strong, but were met with a stubborn defence. Vics then pressed, and experienced the hardest lines in not scoring. Black was showing fine form on the right wing, and repeatedly beat the opposing defence; his centres, however, were never properly taken advantage of, and some good chances were lost. Wanderers again had a few looks in, and, from what looked like a blunder in Vics' defence, managed to beat Findlay. Vics now being one to the bad, redoubled their efforts, but without success, and half time arrived: Wanderers, 1; Vics, 0.

The teams were not allowed to leave the field, and hostilities recommenced immediately. Vics came away in grand style, and swarmed round Stewart. The shooting of the Blues was somehow or other rarely on the mark, and Dundee's goal remained intact. Williamson, of the Wanderers, indulged in a good deal of poaching, and had to be hauled up once or twice. He scored a very offside goal, which the referee promptly disallowed. At last Vics managed to get on equal terms. A fine shot struck the inside of the bar, and the referee allowed a goal. This decision was strongly disputed, and after a consultation amongst the players, a protest was lodged. Towards the finish one of the visitors got hurt, and was unable to resume. No further scoring took place, and the game ended in a draw of 1 goal each.

Short Kicks. The game at Torry was not by any means an exciting one. Both teams suffered from a want of understanding in front.
Black was easily the Vics best man forward. Henderson indulged too much in roving, and might with advantage have kept his place more.
McIlvenny was weak, and did not come up to expectations. Burnett should remember there are other four forwards in the front line. Selfishness on his part lost not a few chances.
Bobbie Ritchie played with considerable dash, although weakly supported.
The halves were below par. McKenzie was the best.
At back and goal Vics were well served. McNeill bore the burden of the work, and came out with flying colours. Allan and Finlay were both good.
Wanderers were in capital form, the defence especially play¬ing a grand game. Forward the left wing were most effective.
The Dundonians on Saturday's form and playing on their own ground will give Orion a pretty hard tussle in the Scottish.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd December 1897

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Dundas, Moffatt, Mackenzie; Black, Henderson, McIlvenny, Burnett, Ritchie


Dundee Wanderers Teamsheet:  Stewart; Allan, Ferguson; Ireland, Bell, McColl; Peat, Graham, Durward, Williamson, Simpson


Referee: Mr. James Black, Forfar

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