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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Northern League 
Orion 3 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:    McPherson, Hogg, Flynn       Ritchie, Ritchie, Burnett  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Only the result was reported in the Aberdeen Journal and Dundee Courier.
On Saturday the Vics played off their return League fixture with the Orion at Cattofield, when a fairly interesting, but scrambling, game ended in a draw of three goals each.

Orion won the toss, and choose to play up-hill during the first half. At the commencement they had decidedly the best of matters, and were not long in getting on the lead, McPherson scoring from a scrimmage in the goal mouth. Give-and-take play followed, until Ritchie got away on the left, and squared accounts with a magnificent shot, which Douglas had no chance of saving. The play of the "Blues" now showed a wonderful improvement, and the Orion defenders had to exert themselves to prevent further disaster. Their efforts were successful for a time, but a weak return from Strang gave Ritchie another chance, of which he took full advantage, and placed his side one up. The Vics continued to press, and managed to score a third goal which, however, should not have been allowed, as Burnett had the ball in his arms before he put it through. Nearly everybody imagined that this would be all the scoring in the first half, as it only wanted about a minute from the interval. Hogg, however, had a surprise in store, for on the ball being centred and kicked off he caught up the pass, and running through the Vics' defence succeeded in beating Findlay. It was the smartest bit of play seen during the afternoon, and showed what "Geordie" can do when he likes.

On restarting, the "Stripes" went away with a rush, and Flynn equalised with a high shot. From now right up to the finish Orion had the pull, but do what they liked could not secure the winning goal. Findlay, as usual, proved himself to be the mainstay of the Vics. The display given by the rest of the team was so very equal that it would be unfair to individualise.
Ross and Strang, at back, were the pick of the Orion, Craig carried off the palm at half, while McPherson and Hogg were the best among the forwards, and Stewart the worst. "The refereeing" was anything] but satisfactory. We don't believe that Mr McHardy was wilfully unfair, but he was certainly very careless, or else he is very short-sighted. Had he moved about more, and kept less to the middle of the field, he would have been better able to follow the play and give something like proper decisions.

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th November 1899

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