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AFC - Match Report
match report 1908-09 fixture list
Stripes 2 - 1 Whites
    Practice match
Kick Off:    O'Hagan, Wilson        
Attendance: 7,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The final practice match, in view of the opening of the football season tomorrow, to place at Pittodrie last night. The attendance was large, the crowd numbering over 7000. A good deal of interest centred around the appearance of Aberdeen's new players, of a crowd were anxious as to whether the old favourites had retained their last season's form. The pitch, under the careful nor sing of Mr. George Munro, the grounds Munn, was in excellent condition. The players took the field, under Mr. Gillespie, Aberdeen, as follows:-

Stripes: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Wilson, McIntosh, Low; R. Simpson, Muir, Mcnair, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Whites: King; Hannah, Macfarlane; Davidson, J. J. Simpson, William Low; Hay, towns, Dalgarno, Ritchie, Roberts.

The stripes, or first team, was set to face a strong breeze blowing from the town end, and that once made inroads on the Reserves' territory. Hannah chipped in, and relieved splendidly. The ball was swung from end to end, neither side seeming to have any practical advantage. Lennie made off, and the game assumed the aspects of a cup tie match, having no appearance of a practice canter. The Aberdeen left wing Fairlie waltzed round all opposition, until they found themselves with only King to beat. The custodian proved an obstacle they could not surmount, and even play again ruled. A fine combined rush by the Whites' forwards, and a pot shot by Towns brought Mutch to his knees, and a corner was conceded. Nothing resulted, and Aberdeen's international left wing made off. If splendid combination with McNair enabled the ball to be carried close of to King, and O'Hagan, after slipping a couple of troublesome half-backs, sent a long, slow, and low shot goalwards. Aided by the wind, which it turned somewhat, the ball completely deceived the A's custodian, and the first goal was scored. Play waxed fast and furious until half-time arrived with the stripes leading by one goal to nil.

The resumption saw the whites attack with great vigour, and for a time play was practically confined to the Stripes' half of the field. Quiet play followed until a long kick by Colman let his forwards away, and George Wilson, getting into fine position, sent in a shot which King never saw. This second reverse spurred on the Whites, who rushed in a body towards Mutch. Dalgarno sent in a stinging shot which Mutch fisted out. Hay cleverly prevented the ball from going into touch, and centred well. Ritchie pounced on the sphere, and banged the ball passed Mutch. Play was fast after this, but neither side had to the score and the game ended - Stripes, 2 goals; Whites, 1.

The play of the new men was eagerly watched, and on the whole gave great satisfaction. The play of both teams was much superior to that of the two previous practice games. Mutch kept a splendid goal, and his clearances were anything but half-hearted; his place certainly inspires confidence. Colman and Hume can be depended upon to give of their best, and followers of Aberdeen football no what their best is. Last night, George Wilson, playing in the absence of Halkett, played one of his best games. The other halves, McIntosh and Wilfred Low, to still retain their tackling and breaking-up powers, and kept the young and enthusiastic reserve forwards well in check. Bobby Simpson gave a capital exhibition. Undoubtedly, one of the best players on the field last night was Muir. His play was nothing short of magnificent. Time and again he broke through the defence, only to be met by King, who held all kinds of shots. The new centre, McNair, combined well with the other forwards, and his judicious passing and dribbling of the outstanding features of the forward play. The opposing halves never knew what this player was going to do next, and he usually did that which was leased expected. He is anything but a selfish player, and keeps both wings well Clyde with the ball. O'Hagan and Lennie require no comment; it is sufficient to say that their play was up to the usual standard. The understanding between the two last night was perfect, and there is no doubt that the left wing will have a big say in the doings of the team this season. The reserves are a young team, but are not lacking in enthusiasm, and judging from last night's display, they ought to do fairly well in the coming season's engagements.

Stripes Teamsheet:  Mutch; Colman, Hume; Wilson, McIntosh, Low; R. Simpson, Muir, Mcnair, O'Hagan, Lennie


Whites Teamsheet:  King; Hannah, Macfarlane; Davidson, J. J. Simpson, William Low; Hay, towns, Dalgarno, Ritchie, Roberts


Referee: Mr. Gillespie, Aberdeen

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