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AFC - Match Report
match report 1908-09 fixture list
Aberdeen 2 - 0 Peterhead
Kick Off:    McNair, O'Hagan.        
Attendance: 400
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
At Pittodrie Park yesterday afternoon, before 400 spectators. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Roberts, Hannah; King, McIntosh, Low; Blackburn, Simpson, McNair, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Peterhead: Pyper; Paterson, Murphy; Milne, Davidson, McDougal; McEachern, Scott, McIntosh, Thompson, Paterson.
Referee - Mr. J. H. Russell, Aberdeen.

Peterhead kicked off against a westerly breeze. Lennie and O'Hagan caused some merriment at the outset the several of their characteristic runs. Thomson and Paterson, on the Buchan teams left, got out going, and a try by the extreme winger was sent past. Murphy was prominent with some fine kicking. Aberdeen were easily having the upper hand, and it was quite evident that, had they cared, they could have scored. Two crosses in succession from Blackburn were allowed to go a-begging, and Wyllie and Lennie at another time did not shoot with only Pyper before him. Peterhead came west in full sail, and Mutch had to negotiate a cross from McEachern. Play was mostly in Peterhead Territory, and it was no surprise when McNair got through with a good shot 20 minutes from the start. McEachern had a plucky run, but Mutch saved his parting shot. Blackburn got going, and passed to O'Hagan, who scored a pretty goal, but the referee a judged him off side. Half-time arrived with the homesters pressing and the score - Aberdeen,1 goal; Peterhead, 0.

Aberdeen pressed on the resumption, and Simpson had a rattling try, which went over. Later, Peterhead had a run east, and Scott gave Mutch a hot one. Aberdeen afterwards easily held the upper hand, and Simpson was prominent with some class dribbling and good shots, which were well negotiated by Pyper. During a long siege of Pyper's charge, McNair, Blackburn, and Simpson had all good tries. Scott tried hard to get through without avail. Following-up a pass from Lennie, O'Hagan finished up the mazy run by beating Pyper with a low shot. Some time later Blackburn rattled the crossbar with a rocket. Peterhead as goal had many narrow escapes. Simpson played a great game for the homesters, and at times after lee bamboozled the opposing defence, and many of his shots just missed by inches. Pyper effected a great clearance from the feet of Blackburn and McNair. In the closing stages of the game, the homesters literally toyed with the visitors, and many chances of scoring were allowed to go unheeded.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 6th October 1908

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch, Roberts, Hannah, King, McIntosh, Low, Blackburn, Simpson, McNair, O'Hagan, Lennie.

Unused Subs:


Peterhead Teamsheet:  Pyper; Paterson, Murphy; Milne, Davidson, McDougal; McEachern, Scott, McIntosh, Thompson, Paterson


Referee: Mr. J. H. Russell, Aberdeen

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