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AFC - Match Report
match report 1909-10 fixture list
White team 1 - 1 Black and Gold team
    Practice match
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The players of the Aberdeen Football Club engaged in a practice game at Pittodrie last night, when there was a large attendance of spectators. Play was not of the serious nature for the most part, but there were brief intervals of good combination, in which Soye gave some indication of possessing excellent qualities. The game was interrupted shortly after the cross over by heavy rain, each side having scored one goal. Collection was taken on behalf of local charities, and realised 13.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 13th August 1909


"The Twelfth" at Pittodrie.

The sportsmen who had no other engagements on the "Glorious Twelfth," and who thought to put in a little of their grouse-shooting leisure in watching the Wasps do some goal-potting, had a big "helping" of the atmospherical joys inseparable from that festive day withhout having to go further afield than the Pittodrie moors. After each shooting party had bagged one bird apiece, J. P., who had been glooming and sulking overhead all the evening, could restrain himself no longer, but, with a vigour and earnestness there was no gainsaying, poured down his contumely on the inoffensive sportsmen in bucketful's.
The way that crowd effervesced was a caution - it simply steamed itself through the gates! Better luck next time, boys!

Source: Bon-Accord, 19th August 1908


Aberdeen F.C.'s Prospects.


At the request of the Editor, I have attended the two practice games at Pittodrie in order to give my impressions of the players and what I saw of them. What appeared to me the outstanding feature of the games under review was the strength of the defence. The little Mutch had to do was done well, though he appcars to have put on flesh during the close season, along with a little bit of "side," which is not a bad asset to a goalkeeper.
Coleman and Hume were conjointly responsible for breaking up any combination which had an element of danger in it. The right back has not deteriorated in any way, being full of resource, and as quick as ever in recovery. There was room for improvement on the part of the left back, and it did not require the aid of glasses to discern that Hume was a good bit ahead of his end-of-season form. His clearances were daring, and his speed improved vastly as the games proceeded. The fact that another good substitute can take his place appears to have spurred him on to risk more than was his wont.
The middle line is one on trial, purely and simply. As I saw them, there is not one in the same class as those who have gone. Miller is a rather neat player in some ways, but depends too much on his backs to cover up any mistake he may make. Moffat, is neither a Strang nor a McIntosh at breaking-up tactics, though he places better to his forwards than either, while his height stands him in good stead for high balls. Davidson and Robertson had both a trial in the line, and did as well as the others, but George Wilson will likely get the vacancy once he arrives.
The forwards can play football, but I question if they will get leave to play the "sand-jig dancing" game they have been doing. More robust tactics will have to be employed, and the target more accurately aimed at, if goals are to be scored. The left wing, Lennie and 0'Hagan, are still the better part of the "bird," playing the ball in their own inimitable way. Murray, at centre, is just what is wanted, keeping his wings aye "on the flap," and lying well in for centres. Soye may be regarded as a favourite, and will be a prominent figure yet, or I'm much mistaken. Simpson was good on the opening night, but a good bit "off" on the second. he will have to make a great improvement to oust McEachern when he comes back.
The team all over I regard as moderately fair: nothing brilliant and they will just about reach last year's standard, nothing more, unless they infuse more dash into their play. As yet, they do not seem to have found their feet, and it will pretty much depend on their opening games as to how they will fare in the League. For one thing, they lack weight to carry them through on heavy pitches; but on hard ground should do as well as most. I wish them a prosperous season, all the same, and so does every Aberdonian who takes an interest in the game.
The A team found most favour with those who have seen them. King, Hlannah, and Harper form a strong defence. The left back, being new, was specially spotted, and most favourably commented on. The halves - Robertson, Davidson, Macfarlane, Simpson, and Low - being all tried and serviceable players, should be able to give a good account of themselves in the Second Team League and Northern League. The forwards are exceptionally fast, and they could be doing with a bit less of that and more control over the ball: that would add considerably to their effectiveness. They were thoroughly tested on Wednesday, when they opened their Northern League campaign at Dens Park.

Source: Bon-Accord, 19th August 1909

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