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match report 1911-12 fixture list
Benefit Match 
Brechin City 1 - 4 Aberdeen
    Benefit for Glen up
Kick Off:    Smith       Opponent o.g, Wood, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Glebe Park, Brechin
Aberdeen played Brechin City on Nursery Park, Brechin last night before a large crowd for the benefit of Glen, the local clubs centre forward.
Brechin opened in lively fashion, and for a time gave the first leaguers a lot of defending to do. Glen repeatedly bustled Coleman and Hume, but fine recovery work by Wyllie prevented scoring. King had to meet the number of pot shots, and deftly got rid of every ball that came his way. Aberdeen were not idle when they once settled down to their game. Wood was outstanding with clever, tricky play. From a judicious pass to Lennie, the leather was squared into goal, and a Brechiner unfortunately diverted it into the net. Wood with a fine solo run, but on a second goal before the interval, which came with the score Aberdeen, 2; Brechin City, 0.

Aberdeen had more of the game in the second period, and score the other two points. The best goal of the match, however, was registered by Smith, for the homesters. On play there was not a marked difference between the sides, but the superior training of Aberdeen easily carried them through.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 19th April 1912

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