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AFC - Match Report
match report 1929-30 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 1 - 0 Dundee
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Yorston.        
Attendance: 20,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
STILL LEADING. Aberdeen's Revival in Second-Half.
There was no scoring in the first half, in which Aberdeen held a slight advantage. Late in the period the home team forced a corner, but it was unproductive. Early in the second half Yorston scored for Aberdeen following a corner. Dundee were kept on the defensive for most of the period, but there was no further scoring.

Source: The Scotsman, 28th October 1929

There was nothing to enthuse over in the Aberdeen-Dundee derby at Pittodrie on Saturday. It was only during the latter period that the 20,000 spectators got a glimpse of typical northern derby, football.
If anything, Dundee held the advantage in the first half, but in the second Aberdeen were very much superior, especially after Yorston notched a characteristic winning goal.
Although not displaying championship form the home team were well worth the points. they are still at the head of affairs, Rangers being the only club who can equal them.
For once Aberdeen were sound in defence. The outstanding man on the field was Hill, the ex-Forfar player, who displayed form which must ultimately secure him international honours. McLaren, although a trier, was instrumental in putting the forward line out of gear. The best in this department were Yorston and McDermid. Dundee were also strong offensively, the visiting halves showing exceptionally good form. In attack Robertson, O?Hare, and Lynch were prominent.

Story of Play.

Exchanges were of a give-and-take nature at the start, Aberdeen playing up well against the sun. Dundee forced a corner on the left, but Robertson sent the flag-kick behind. Yorston let Smith away on the home left, and Marsh had to punch clear from his centre. The dark blues came again, and from another corner Black blocked a great shot by McNab, and McCarthy sent past.
The visitors had slightly the better of the exchanges, and from a free kick by Robertson, [line omitted in report].

An Escape.

In a lightning Aberdeen raid, Marsh saved a header from Love off a free-kick by Hill. The home team kept pegging away, and the Dundee goal had an escape when Marsh ran out to punch a shot by McLaren, and before he could get back to his charge Love let go a terrific shot. The leather flew straight and true for the net, but up popped Gilmour intercept it.
The home forwards had struck their game, and the Dundee defence was kept on the move.
In a breakaway by the visitors, Yuill distinguished himself with a grand save from McNab. McDermid led a determined assault, but from Yorston's adroit slip Smith crashed the ball wildly over.
The Dundee attack cut through the home defence in their next raid, but Ferguson failed to steady himself, and Yuill cleared.

Dundee Play Up Well.

Despite the fact that the sun had gone down, Aberdeen did not improve, and Dundee gave as much, if not more, than they got.
Smart work by Hill and Smith saw Yorston fasten on to the winger's centre, but Gilmour smothered his shot. At the other end Hickie blundered when he failed to fend Ferguson off a loose ball, but the centre-forward did not get in his shot.
At the other end Aberdeen were awarded a free kick outside the penalty area, but McLaren's shot was blocked, and McHale's try from the rebound was wide of the mark.
The visitors dashed away, and a great effort by Thomson flashed past. From the same player a minute later Yuill saved smartly.

Aberdeen Unfortunate.

Aberdeen were a trifle unfortunate when from a fast Smith pass Love let drive, but Marsh saved at the post. At this stage, O'Hare and McHale collided, and the former had to leave the field.
Dundee resumed the second period at full strength, but O'Hare had gone to outside-left and Robertson inside. Aberdeen were first dangerous, and Marsh tipped over a centre by Smith. From the flag-kick, Gilmour blocked a sure counter by McLaren. The Dundee left wing took play to the other end, where Campbell sent wide.

The Winner.

With eight minutes gone, Aberdeen took the lead. A left-foot cross by Love was missed by several players on both sides, but when it came to Yorston, he leapt agilely to head it into the net.
Nettled, Dundee attacked vigorously, and Yuill had to run out and throw himself at Ferguson's feet to avert disaster.
The swift-moving home forwards came again, and after much manoeuvring Black managed to get in a shot which missed narrowly.
With the advent of the goal, things had livened up considerably, and another goal for the homesters was expected momentarily.

Yorston on the Mark

Marsh saved a surprise shot from Yorston, and the same player made the custodian's hands tingle from a free kick. From forty yards out Hill drove in a magnificent shot which Marsh brilliantly pushed against the post. It was a great shot and an equally great save.
The visitors retaliated, and Yuill punched clear a free from Gilmour. Shortly afterwards Ferguson got through, but his effort flew inches wide, and a fast centre O'Hare was smartly fisted out by Yuill.
Dundee set up a dangerous barrage, and Aberdeen had to fall back in defence. Hill raised the siege, and smart work resulted in Yorston sending over. Another special by Hill was blocked, and an overhead kick by the same player saw Marsh save a header from Yorston. Back came the home team, and a great drive by Smith flashed past, while a try by McLaren was blocked. Aberdeen were having much the better of matters now, and only desperate defensive play by the visitors kept them from increasing their lead. Towards the close the home team applied terrific pressure, and shots by Hill and Smith should have counted.

Source: Press & Journal, 28th October 1929

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Yuill, Hickie, Livingstone, Black, McHale, Hill, Love, McLaren, Yorston, McDermid, Smith.

Unused Subs:


Dundee Teamsheet:  March; Brown, Gilmour; McNab, McCarthy, Thomson; Lynch, Campbell, Ferguson, O'Hare, Robertson


Referee: T. Dougrey, Bellshill

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