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AFC - Match Report
match report 1931-32 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Heart of Midlothian 0 - 0 Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 17,000
Venue: Tynecastle, Edinburgh
DONS SHOW UP WELL. Smith Saves a Penalty.
The Heart of Midlothian and Aberdeen played a drawn game at Tynecastle before 17,000 spectators. No goals were scored, yet the play was always fast and interesting, and the result was in doubt right up to the close. The home side had Reid at centre half, and Gardener, who came from Penicuik Athletic, at centre in place of Battles, who is still on the injured list. In the early stages the Hearts were the more aggressive side. Chalmers was their outstanding player, both in aggressive work and in making openings for the others. Aberdeen's defence was well tested, but their tackling was good, and not many shots reached Smith. Murray was thrown in the penalty area, but Herd failed to score from the spot kick, Smith getting down to the ball and turning it behind for a corner. Harkness was tested by Yorston. The Hearts continued to be the more constant attackers, but were less dangerous than the raiding done by Yorston, McMeekin, and McDermid. Harkness made a brilliant save from Yorston just before the interval. The same pair provided a thrill on resuming, Harkness fisting aside a great effort by the visiting centre. Play now ran from end to end, good back play and goalkeeping frustrating nice forward work. Chalmers and Murray played well, Murray having a "poster" and Chalmers causing Smith to handle, though on another occasion the last-named played the ball softly into the goalkeeper's hands from a few yards. The crowd were kept interested to the end, for Yorston was always giving trouble to the home defence, while the Hearts were never long away from their opponents goal.

Source: The Scotsman, 14th September 1931

Although no goals were scored at Tynecastle the game between Heart of Midlothian and Aberdeen was fast and interesting. The defences held the upper hand, however, and both goalkeepers saved brilliantly. After about fifteen minutes' play Hearts were awarded a penalty kick. Herd shot the ball into goal, where Smith turned it past the upright.
Gardiner, playing at centre-forward for Hearts, gave a promising display, and Yorston was a constant source of worry to the home defenders. In the outfield the home men had the better of the exchanges, but they lacked precision and punch near goal, whereas the Aberdeen raids always looked dangerous.

Source: Glasgow Herald, 14th September 1931

Aberdeen and Hearts had a stirring duel at Tynecastle, and if there might have been goals, the result, a blank draw did justice to both teams.

Seventeen thousand watched a struggle in which first one side was on top and then the other. There were many smart movements by the forwards of both sides, but over the piece honours rested with the defences, and especially the goalkeepers.
Both Harkness and Smith gave a brilliant exhibition, and each may be said to have saved their team from defeat.

Saved a Penalty.

Early in the game Smith, the Aberdeen 'keeper, saved a penalty kick taken by Herd following Murray having been brought down by McLaren. The Hearts' back shot hard and low to the 'keeper's right-hand side, but Smith was able to knock the ball out and then follow up and throw behind before opponents could reach him. His save earned a great ovation.
Hearts accounted for fully more the attacking, but while they had many excellent shots parried by Smith, their finishing was not so good as it might have been, and in their less frequent raids Aberdeen, ably led by Yorston, were more dangerous attackers.

Busy Goalkeepers.

Harkness had early to clear from Ballantyne, and after McLaren and Sharp had shown up well in repelling dangerous Hearts' attacks, Galloway and Yorston forced the game for Aberdeen. Gardiner sent wide with a cross shot, and Chalmers sent high when well placed, and at the other end McMeekin, after fine combination with Love, shot wide.
After fifteen minutes' play the penalty kick incident occurred, and following it Hearts kept up a sharp attack, the Aberdeen defenders charging down several shots.
Ballantyne was injured in collision, but resumed after treatment. It transpired at the interval that he had sustained slight concussion and had been quite unaware he was playing. He revived during the interval, and after having been seen by a doctor was able to carry on in the second half, and although dazed, suffered no ill effects.

Narrow Escapes.

Aberdeen's goal had narrow escape when Smith knocked out a shot by Chalmers, and Cooper intervened while the 'keeper was lying on the ground. Following this, Harkness stopped a free kick by Black, and brought off a magnificent save from a high ball by Love. At full length the Hearts' keeper just reached a lightning header by Yorston. Towards the interval the exchanges were very fast and keen. Smith was at his best with spectacular saves from Bennie, Murray, and Chalmers, and Harkness stopped strong efforts by Galloway and Yorston. Just on half-time a great shot by the Aberdeen centre-forward was brilliantly tipped over the bar by Harkness.

Yorston's Tries.

Aberdeen almost took the lead in the first minute of the second half. Yorston dashed behind the home backs to shoot fiercely, but Harkness just managed to deflect the ball round the post. Following this, Hearts had a spell of attacking, Smith fisting clear from White and Murray, but Yorston again had Harkness in action to a fine shot.
At point-blank range Gardiner shot into Smith's hands, and in another Hearts attack Murray fired the ball against, the post, Gardiner meeting the rebound to send wide.

Thrilling Finish.

In end-to-end passages Smith saved from Gardiner, and fielded dangerous crosses from both wings. On the other hand, Harkness had to fist clear from Galloway. A fierce drive by Chalmers was finely stopped by Smith, who later dealt with efforts by Johnstone and Gardiner. In the closing stages, as it had been all through, it was anybody's game, but just on the finish Yorston almost gave Aberdeen the lead, Harkness at full length bringing off a wonderful save.

Outstanding Players.

Smith was brilliant in the Aberdeen goal, and never made the semblance of a mistake. At back Cooper and Sharp acquitted themselves splendidly, and McLaren and Black were at their best in the middle line. Forward, Yorston shewed a return to form. He was the most dangerous forward on the field, and Galloway and Love were clever and effective wingmen.
Hearts owed a big debt to Harkness, who gave a superb display, and King at back was a great defender. Massie was the best of the half-backs, and in a clever forward line that was lacking in punch, Chalmers, Johnstone, and Murray were outstanding.

Source: Press & Journal, 14th September 1931

Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet:  Harkness; Herd, King; Massie, Reid, Bennie; R. Johnstone, White, Gardiner, Chalmers, Murray


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Cooper, Sharp, Black, McLaren, Ballantyne, Love, McMeekin, Yorston, McDermid, Galloway.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. Hudson, Glasgow

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