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AFC - Match Report
match report 1931-32 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Rangers 4 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Fleming 2, McPhail, Nicholson       Yorston.  
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
DONS TROUNCED AT IBROX. Feeble Show Against Rangers.
Rangers in the first half at Ibrox last night practically ran through the Aberdeen team, and their four-goal lead at the interval fell short of representing their superiority. In the second half the home team eased up, and Aberdeen's forwards came more into the game, though never strong enough to create a dangerous situation for the leaders. Fleming scored twice for Rangers in the first half, and McPhail and Nicholson each got one goal. Yorston scored Aberdeen's goal some twenty minutes after the restart. They were all good goals and unsaveable. Rangers played some splendid combination football in the first half. Craig, who took Meiklejohn's place at right half, fitted into the unusual position quite comfortably, and helped to make Fleming and Marshall a powerful right wing. McPhail was an effective schemer, and he received a steady response from Nicholson. The defence was sound all over. Aberdeen's forwards took a long time to get going. They were often disjointed, but they certainly did not receive great support from the half-backs, who had to struggle to keep the Rangers' forwards from piling up a bigger score, but they did well, especially in the second half when the game opened up. Sharp at left back showed good anticipation, and Smith in goal made several wonderful saves. Attendance 10,000.

Source: Scotsman, 16th September 1931



Ten thousand spectators saw Aberdeen put up a feeble show against Rangers at Ibrox last night. The issue was settled in the first half when Rangers, without exertion, established a lead of four goals.
In this period Aberdeen's, attack never got going, and their defence could not cope with an attack that worked with machine-like precision. After the interval Galloway and McDermid changed places, and Aberdeen's attack was much more in evidence, Yorston and Galloway being particularly lively.
For the greater part Rangers were kept on the defensive, but Dawson had a comparatively easy time. If Aberdeen had played as spiritedly in the first half the result might have been different, but as It was their early lapses cost them the points.
Aberdeen were best served by Cooper, Black, Hill, Yorston Galloway, and Rangers by Gray Craig, Brown, Fleming, Marshall, and Nicholson.

Story of Game.

Rangers forced the game at the start, and McPhail and Nicholson just missed with fine shots. A slip by McAulay endangered the home goal but Yorston shot wide.
With fifteen minutes gone, English let Fleming away and the latter carried on until two yards from the touch-line, and squared at terrific force for the ball to hit Smith and rebound into the net. It was a lucky goal, though deserved on the run of play.
Aberdeen made strong retaliation, and from a free kick McLaren sent over. For the next ten minutes there was nothing between the teams, the ball hovering about midfield, and neither goalkeeper was troubled.
Twenty-four minutes had gone when Nicholson got through to shoot. Smith met the shot but only returned the ball the left winger's foot, and he made no mistake with his second attempt.

Number Three.

A third goal came quickly for Rangers. Fleming left Sharp behind to cut in and neatly flick the ball past the advancing Smith.
After this third reverse Aberdeen came away with a burst. A great shot by Black was tipped over for a corner, which availed nothing.
Rangers' team work was superior, and for the most part play was confined to Aberdeen territory. Smith, however, had little to do.
Aberdeen had a tendency to indulge in too close passing, and this played into the hands of a robust defence.
Aberdeen's goal had another, narrow escape when Smith dived and cleared from the feet of English.
Just on the interval Rangers added a fourth goal. Fleming centred, and Smith dashed out only to fist the ball to the foot of McPhail, who netted easily. Rangers were much superior, and, if flattered by the margin, well deserved to be ahead at the interval, when the Light Blues led 4-0.

Yorston Scores.

Love and Yorston made good efforts for Aberdeen following the interval, but Rangers were playing well within themselves and Dawson got little to do.
With twelve minutes gone Aberdeen got a goal that was quite in accordance with the run of play.
McDermid let Yorston away on the right, and Benny finished with a great shot that Dawson stopped but allowed the ball to drop over his head into the net.
Following this McDermid was injured and had to retire for treatment. While their captain was off Aberdeen made spirited attacks, and Yorston had another fine shot which swerved wide with Dawson beaten.
McDermid resumed at outside left, and Aberdeen continued to attack, Galloway and Yorston showing great cleverness. This confined Rangers to defence, but few shooting chances were afforded.
With a deficit of three goals It looked as if Aberdeen's revival had come too late. Yorston was the only one who had a shot in his locker, McMeekin being badly at fault on one occasion when he shot past an open goal.

Occasional Raids.

Rangers had occasional raids, but they shot from long range and were off the mark. Fleming, however, went close on one occasion when Smith, at full length, deflected a fierce grounder.
Aberdeen continued to make many attacks, but they had few shots.

Source: Press & Journal, 16th September 1931

Rangers Teamsheet:  Dawson; Gray, McAuley; Craig, Simpson, Brown; Fleming, Marshall, English, McPhail, Nicholson


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Cooper, Sharp, Black, McLaren, Hill, Love, McMeekin, Yorston, McDermid, Galloway.

Unused Subs:


Referee: T. Small, Dundee

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