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match report 1931-32 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 3 - 1 Falkirk
Kick Off:  11:00 AM   Jackson, Hill, McDermid.       Stevenson  
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Aberdeen defeated Falkirk by three goals to one at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, yesterday in a League game, but the holiday crowd of about 10,000 got little to enthuse over. Aberdeen made a number of changes, Yorston went to outside right, and his place at centre was filled by Johnston, while Hill was introduced at inside left, Ballantyne filling the vacancy in the half-back line.
The Aberdeen half-backs gradually tightened their hold on the Falkirk attack, until in the second half the visitors were almost continually on the defensive. There was much aimless kicking on both sides, and while both sets of forwards were quite good in the outfield, they lacked punch near goal. Jackson gave Aberdeen the lead following a pass from Hill, and the latter brought the total to two from close range. Just on the interval Stevenson reduced the leeway with the best goal of the match. The winger after clever play, shot from an acute angle, the ball entering the net just under the crossbar. Except for an occasional raid by the visitors it was all Aberdeen after the interval. McDermid increased their lead, and a terrific shot by Hill struck the crossbar. Hamill handled in the penalty area, but Thomson saved the spot kick, which was taken by Yorston, in brilliant fashion.
Aberdeen were weak at left back, but Cooper gave a fine display at right back. Jackson, who a month ago was the team's regular left back, did well at centre, making up in dash what he lacked in craft, and in addition to scoring one of his side's goals he made the opening for another. Falkirk were well served in defence by Hamill and Richardson. Stevenson and Archibald were the pick of the forwards.

Source: Scotsman, 29th September 1931



Jackson's Appearance At Centre Forward.


Aberdeen helped themselves to another lift up the Scottish League ladder yesterday when they beat Falkirk by three goals to one at Pittodrie.

It was a holiday match, and inclement weather before the start restricted the attendance to 10,000.
With a forward line which had Jackson at centre and Hill at inside left, there was certainly more thrust but the nippy Yorston and scheming McDermid were the real purveyors of the home quintette.

Jackson's First.

The first goal came from Jackson, who scored from close range after Hill's manoeuvring. The second was by got Hill after Love's header had rebounded off the goalkeeper.
Just on the interval liveliness was added to the game when Stevenson scored a brilliant goal for Falkirk. He broke away to send in a terrific shot from a difficult angle, and it is certain Smith never saw the ball in its flight into the net.
On the run of the play Aberdeen just deserved their 2-1 lead.
In the second half there were periods when Aberdeen appeared to assume their lead was sufficient to win the match.
Several of the forwards did not respond as they might have done to opportunities afforded.
Jackson all the time was trier, but was unfortunate with several of his efforts, in which over-anxiety outweighed discretion.
More than once the Aberdeen attack leader was in favourable position, but his over-anxiety was his undoing.

Erratic Bursts.

Hill, on the other hand, was erratic with great bursts in attack. Once he hit the cross-bar with the goalkeeper beaten, and on another occasion a defender's head cropped up to prevent him scoring when Thomson was out of his goal.
Aberdeen's superiority was more marked in the second half than in the first. Yet Thomson, who revealed himself be a sound keeper, did not inspire confidence. The shots he had to hold reflected on the ability the home attackers.
For a long time Aberdeen appeared to take things easy, but were awakened to possibilities when such as Kirk and Archibald made headway with individual efforts.
Twice Morgan was in a favourable position, but his elevation was wrong, and generally the home defence had an easy task.
In a hot Aberdeen attack a penalty kick was awarded as the result of Hamill handling, but Yorston, who took the spot, kick, sent the ball right into Thomson's hands, and in the scrimmage that followed the danger was cleared.

Third for Dons.

Subsequently Aberdeen had much the better of the exchanges, and they got a third goal, which settled the issue.
Jackson broke away to cross from the left, and McDermid, temporarily out of position, sent the ball into Thomson's hands, but the home forward followed with a shoulder charge to dispossess the 'keeper and land the ball in the net.

Might Not.

Thus rounded off the scoring, but it might have done so had Morgan on the one side and Jackson on the other been quicker to gather the ball.
Falkirk were plucky to the end, such as Archibald and Kirk, with Stevenson occasionally, but their hesitancy to shoot at sight was their undoing. Richardson was a fine defender, with Low the most constructive half. Thomson in goal saved many fine efforts, but did not Inspire confidence. Hamill was the better of two hard-worked backs.
For Aberdeen Smith was not unduly-troubled. Cooper played one of his best games and was never in trouble. Legge, while clearing well, did not kick always accurately. Among the halfs McLaren was a strong defender, and Black was outstanding with constructive play. In the attack Yorston was judicious in creative work. Jackson was a dashing centre, but lacked ability to get the ball quickly under control. McDermid in an unfamiliar role was seen to advantage.

Source: Press & Journal, 28th September 1931

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Cooper, Legge, Black, McLaren, Ballantyne, Love, Yorston, Jackson, Hill, McDermid.

Unused Subs:


Falkirk Teamsheet:  Thomson; ?, Hamill; Kennedy, Richardson, Low; Stevenson, Archibald, Morgan, Kirk, Gall


Referee: T. Small, Dundee

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