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AFC - Match Report
match report 1931-32 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 0 - 0 Rangers
Kick Off:  2:15 PM          
Attendance: 23,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
DONS' GREAT DUEL WITH LEAGUE CHAMPIONS. Big Crowd and Many Thrills at Pittodrie.
A goalless draw was a fair result of the match between Aberdeen and Rangers at Pittodrie Park, and though the great bulk of the 20,000 spectators would have liked to have seen Aberdeen secure both points, they were well enough pleased with a draw. Aberdeen were superior to the Rangers in play during the last fifteen minutes of the match, but failed to get in a counting shot. If that aggressive style of play during practically the whole of the first half and for a considerable portion of the second period was just a bit risky, even when the three backs arrangement was adopted by calling upon the centre half Falloon to come to the assistance of Cooper and McGill. As for Smith, he undoubtedly added to his laurels as a custodian. Ballantyne at left half was a great worker. Armstrong, Warnock, and McDermid were nimble enough in the front line, but they were well held, especially by Meiklejohn and Brown, who were outstanding in the Rangers' half-back line. Love did not seem to find himself at home in the left wing position, although well supported by McLean. Both the Rangers' wingers, Smith and Morton, showed up well, the latter especially having a few good runs, although his finishing was always frustrated. English, the centre forward, was too well watched to be dangerous. From the first, Rangers realised that their best defence lay in attack, and this attack they kept up in methodical style with considerable persistency. Several times they nearly beat the strong opposition, but it remained firm.

Source: The Scotsman, 14th December 1931



McDermid's Miss in Last Minute.

Aberdeen and Rangers had a fierce encounter at Pittodrie, where a goalless draw was a fitting result.
Despite the early kick-off and the fact that the weather conditions were far from ideal - it was misty after rain in the forenoon - there were 23,000 spectators.
It was a punishing game, in which the undoubtedly superior craft of Rangers was successfully countered by the sheer pluck and enthusiasm of the home team.

Dons Might Have Won.

Territorially, Rangers had the better of the exchanges, and from that aspect might have been credited with both points, but praise is due the home team for a truly magnificent defence.
On the other hand, Aberdeen might have won. On their fewer raids, they were just as dangerous as, if not more so, the champions, and it can be said that Aberdeen had chances which did not come Rangers' way.
In the very last minute Aberdeen might have taken the lead had McDermid been equal to accepting an opportunity.
Aberdeen's defence has seldom been seen to better advantage. Smith in goal was on the top of his form. Cooper on the right was the best back on the field, and McGill, although handicapped by injury, has never played better. The half-back trio maintained Aberdeen traditions, and the forwards, especially McLean and Armstrong, were always "live" wires.
Rangers played brilliantly at times, and that they did not score was entirely due to the spoiling tactics of a never-say-die defence.
Rangers were a fine all-round team. Their backs wavered under pressure, but Simpson played the third back game to perfection, and if there was weakness in the side it was in the inside forward positions.

How Game Ran.

Aberdeen attacked on the left, and after a raid by McLean had been repulsed, Rangers came away on the right, and Smith had a centre which swerved wide of the home goal. The Light Blues kept up the attack, and the home 'keeper stopped efforts by Brown from Cooper's head after McPhail had shot. At the other end Tom Hamilton stopped a shot from McLean. Warnock subsequently forced a comer, which was cleared, and a free kick by Meiklejohn was sent against wall of defenders. Ballantyne forced the pace on the home left, and his clever intervention earned plaudits. Smith on the Rangers' right developed dangerous moves, and twice Falloon and Cooper headed away centres from this quarter.
Rangers kept up persistent attacks, but they were lost on a defence that tackled "first-time' and covered up brilliantly. They forced two successive corners, but these availed nothing, and in a breakaway Armstrong caused Hamilton to go full length to stop his shot. A header by Warnock also had the Rangers' goal in danger.

Rangers' Free Kicks.

Several free kicks kept Rangers on the offensive. Brown sent wide from one these, and Meiklejohn had an effort charged down.
For fully ten minutes Rangers stormed the home defence, and McPhail, English, and Marshall all had shots charged down. Smith and Morton too had tries from the wings, but these were confidently dealt with by the home goalkeeper.
Aberdeen were quick to seize an opportunity to turn defence into attack, and Hamilton did well to stop a neat turn in by Warnock. Free kicks by Brown and Meiklejohn were stopped by the Aberdeen 'keeper, as was a terrific drive by Marshall. Towards the interval Aberdeen came away in attack, and McLean just missed with an oblique shot, but the score sheet was still blank at half-time.

McGill's Injury.

An injury to McGill just after the resumption handicapped Aberdeen throughout the second half, but the left back continued to carry on, and, despite his crippled state, gave a great account of himself. Rangers set up hot attacks in the early stages.
Morton had a dangerous free kick cleared by Cooper, and after Smith had punched out from McPhail, Meiklejohn shot over from long range.
An offside decision against Warnock did not please the home crowd, and Aberdeen were again forced back on the defensive. English forced a corner and Smith cleared, and Rangers tried all their wiles in attack, only be defied by a defence that refused be beaten. Warnock raised the siege for Aberdeen by forcing a corner, and, following this, had a splendid shot which Hamilton diverted past after diving. Aberdeen maintained their revival in attack, and several shots were charged down by Rangers' defenders.

Anybody's Game.

At this stage it was anybody's game. Rangers attacked through Smith, and from his cross English had a cute overhead try well stopped by Smith. At the other end the Rangers' 'keeper fisted the ball practically off McLean's head, and a great shot by Love was brilliantly stopped by Hamilton.
In the closing minutes the excitement was intense. McDermid interrupted Smith, the Rangers' right winger, in the act of shooting and then Aberdeen came away in brilliant style. Twice in the last minute they almost snatched the lead, and on one occasion McDermid just failed to get his head to a ball that "asked " to be put through when the Rangers' defence had been, beaten.

Source: Press & Journal, 14th December 1931

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Cooper, McGill, Fraser, Falloon, Ballantyne, Warnock, McDermid, Armstrong, McLean, Love.

Unused Subs:


Rangers Teamsheet:  Hamilton (T.); Gray, McAulav; Meiklejohn, Simpson, Brown; Smith, Marshall, English, McPhail, Morton


Referee: W. G. Holborn, Glasgow

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