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AFC - Match Report
match report 1938-39 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
St. Mirren 3 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    McLintock 8, Knox 56, Knox 88       Hamilton 30.  
Attendance: 8,000
Venue: St Mirren Park (Love Street), Paisley


KNOX A STAR FOR ST MIRREN,/p> Aberdeen's problems are not confined to defence alone, if one is to judge by the display of the team against St Mirren at Paisley on Saturday. The attack was failure.
In team-work, speed and thrust St Mirren were well ahead of the Dons. Aberdeen's principal weakness lay on the extreme wings. Neither Smith nor Williams threatened any danger.
St Mirren had a match-winner in Knox. The inside right was responsible for two of the goals and made the opening for McLintock to net the third.


Against the quick-tackling Paisley half-backs Aberdeen's attempts to play clever football were frustrated before they had properly got under way. In contrast, the St Mirren attackers did not attempt to hold the ball. They kept it moving with the result that territorially they held a big advantage and were often dangerous.
These tactics paid a dividend after eight minutes' play. Knox dispossessed Taylor and quick as a flash swept the ball up the middle. The Aberdeen defence was caught wide open and McLintock fastened on to run through and give Johnstone no chance.
With thirty minutes gone the Dons equalised in almost identical fashion. Armstrong, it was, who sent the ball up the middle for Hamilton to score. Armstrong might have given the Dons the lead when Williams later drew the defence and lobbed the ball 'into the middle. The centre had nothing do but head it home and it came as a complete surprise when he failed to connect.


Actually on play St Mirren should have been ahead at the interval. As il was they took the lead eleven minutes after the restart. Clever work Ferguson on the right ended in the winger crossing the ball and Knox driving it into the net first-time.
With a little more steadiness-at close quarters St Mirren would have increased their lead long before they did. The third goal did not come until the closing minutes, when Knox beat Johnstone with a header from a cross from Ferguson.
Aberdeen's defensive work was not impressive. Johnstone might have saved the last goal, but it must be admitted that Knox was close in when he scored. Graham was the better back. He was not a polished defender, but his tackling was strong and he kept Deakin quiet.


Thomson disappointed. He could not subdue the Ferguson-Knox partnership, but then few backs could have on the day's display. Nicholson got through a power of work and even attempted to force on the attack, but these tactics proved dangerous at times.
The wing halves were too busy in defence to give the forwards much support: Dunlop was the more effective. Taylor found the task of checking Knox beyond his powers, but he showed any amount of pluck.
Armstrong was the best forward, but he has been seen to better advantage. The most ineffective members of the line were Smith and Williams. Neither proved really dangerous. They fell easy victims to Murray and Craven and seldom got the ball across.
With the wingers off form and the half backs busy in defence, Hamilton and Kenzie had an unenviable task. They had to forage for the ball and by the time they had brought it up the field the Paisley defence had Rennie well covered.


St Mirren won on their merits. On this display they are better team than their League record would suggest.
Rennie, who joined the Saints from the Aberdeen junior club Banks o' Dee, proved himself a good 'keeper and he was well supported by Murray and Craven.
As a line the St Mirren half backs were superior to the Aberdeen trio. Young was a strong forcing player until he was injured and Wilson and Kelly kept thumping the ball upfield in good style.
Knox was the bright particular star in attack, but his success was due in no small measure to the splendid co-operation he received from Ferguson. This pair caused the Dons' defence many anxious moments.

Source: Press & Journal, 10th October 1938

St. Mirren Teamsheet:  Rennie; Murray, Craven; Young, Wilson, Kelly; Ferguson, Knox, McLintock, Rankin, Deakin


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Graham, Thomson, Dunlop, Nicholson, Taylor, Smith, Hamilton, Armstrong, McKenzie, Williams.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. Thomson, Hamilton

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