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match report 1946-47 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 1 - 0 Third Lanark
Kick Off:  2:15 PM   Hamilton 75.        
Attendance: 12,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Hamilton's Brilliance Won The Day
THE Dons came within an ace of losing a valuable point to Third Lanark at Pittodrie. George Hamilton saved the day with cutely-taken goal fifteen minutes from the end.

Had Aberdeen failed they would have had themselves to blame. The issue should have been decided in the first half. They had the chances.
Third Lanark's defencc put up a magnificent fight, particularly in the second period, and none did better than Kelly, Palmer and Mooney.
An exasperating team are the Dons. With the wind in their favour they looked like sweeping all befere them in the opening half. Exeept for spasmodic raids Thirds were kept on the defensive.
Sound co-operation between the wing half-backs and forwards produced some neat, fast and accurate football. And this on a ground tnat was not conducive to precision football.
It was the type of game that should have brought goals. That it didn't was due principally to the fact that the Dons' attackers couldn't deliver the k.o. when they had the opposition groggy.
Their prospects at half-time didn't look good. Not only had they to play against the wind, but they had to face a rain and hail storm.
There's one thing I did admire about the Dons on Saturday and that was the manner in which they fought back against the elements.
Admittedly Third Lanark had more of the game this half, but the home forwards, with Waldron now on the wing and Harris at centre, kept searching for a weak spot in the "Warriors'" defensive armour.
Hamilton found it and so swiftly did it happen that it must have come as a shock to Thirds. They were attacking, Dunlop was grassed in holding Bogan up and McLaughlin nipped in to boot the ball up the middle.
Hamilton was after it like a flash. He outstripped the Cathkin defenders and lobbed the ball over the keeper into the net as he left his charge.
Even the mud in which he was covered from head to foot could not dim the brilliance of Hamilton. A tireless worker, he emerged from the game the best forward afield. It was fitting that he should be the man to win the game.
McCall was clever on the ball, but it was only in the closing stages that he became really dynamic. Waldron could not elude the ever-watchful Palmer and got more scope when he went on the wing. I am of the opinion that the Englishman will be seen at his best on a dry ground and with a light ball.
Harris caused the Thirds' defence more trouble when he took over the leadership. Seldom indeed have I seen Williams less effective. The South African was "lost" on the heavy ground.
Dunlop was outstanding in defence. The Dons' skipper revealed all his old confidcnce and resourcefulness in this game. McLaughlin and Taylor, too, forced on the game in good style.
Cooper generally had the measure of Mitchell, Thirds' goal-seoring left winger, but McKenna was not so sure in his kicking as usual.
Third Lanark's defence fought bravely all through, and if I single out Kelly, and Palmer it is only because they were more often on the ball than their team-mates.
Early in the second half an injury to Nelson made it necessary for him to change places with Bogan. Mason was most prominent in a forward line that never succeeded in attaining the same standard of football as their opponents.

Source: Press & Journal, 9th December 1946

Condition: Wind, rain and hail, heavy ground.
Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cooper, McKenna, McLaughlin, Dunlop, Taylor, Harris, Hamilton, Waldron, McCall, Williams.

Unused Subs:


Third Lanark Teamsheet:  Fraser; Balunas, Kelly; Bolt, Palmer, Mooney; Bogan, Mason, Nelson, Ayton, Mitchell


Referee: G. Mitchell, Falkirk

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