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AFC - Match Report
match report 1946-47 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Hibernian 1 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Turnbull 4       Harris 87.  
Attendance: 30,000
Venue: Easter Road, Edinburgh
Dons Showed Fighting Spirit
THERE'S one thing the Dons didn't lack at Easter Road and that was fighting spirit. Having said that, let me add that as a team they didn't play well in the first half,
During this period Hibs were the nippier and more aggressive combine. The big difference between the teams was that the Edinburgh defenders went to meet the ball and they tackled and cleared their lines first time.

Too often the Aberdeen rear division hesitated or indulged in a pass instead of a lusty punt. These tactics gave the Hibs' attackers time and space in which to work.
Hibs had the ball in the net twice this half - the first in seven minutes. Finnegan sent the ball through to Turnbull and the inside-right brought it under control little more than a yard from the bye-line.
It looked odds on his chipping it into the middle, but took a chance. From an almost impossible angle he fired in a hard drive and the ball entered the net between Johnstone's body and the near post - a space of less than two feet.
When Peat found the net eleven minutes later the goal was chalked off for offside. I believe the decision was given against Weir, who had taken position near Johnstone.
McKenna, the Dons' left-back, pulled a muscle midway through the period and when the teams resumed in the second half he was on the left wing, with Taylor back, McCall at half-back and Williams inside-leit.
This didn't augur well for Aberdeen's chances, but in this half they showed more "devil" than they had done in the first period. There were times when they had the Hibs' defence rocking.
If Hibs' goal was a spectacular affair it still wasn't in the class of Harris' equaliser. There were just three minutes left for play when Cooper put Harris in possession. The winger cut in, beat three men and sent a low shot flashing into the net. It was a goal in a thousand.
It was a hard game fought at a fast pace with glimpses of brilliant play from both sides. The tackling was keen - too keen at times - and the Dons had two claims for penalties turned down. The first was in the opening half when McCall was grassed and the other after the interval when Williams was nudged long before the ball came in his direction.
Johnstone played well in the Aberdeen goal, but the backs had a bad day. Hibs have found a go-getter in Ormond their left-winger. He gave Cooper more trouble than any other winger this season. McKenna was in difficulties against the clever and swiftrunning Gordon Smith. The left-back moved with surprising freedom after he was injured and went on the wing.
The Pittodrie half-back line fought strongly for the ninety minutes. Dunlop was the mainstay of the defence. The centre-half certainly takes full credit from this game.
Taylor put up a stout display at left-back in the second half and gave me the impression that he would be the man for the job in an emergency.
Only two of Aberdeen's five forwards came out of the game with reputation unimpaired, and they were Willie McCall and George Hamilton. Waldron was well held by Aird, a strong and reliable centre-half. The Dons' leader showed poor judgment with his passes in the first half.
Williams found Finnegan a difficult opponent to elude and the one bright spot in Harris' display was his masterly equalising goal.
Hibs had a grand left-half in Kean. He played well at centre-half too, when he took over from Aird, who went on the wing in the closing stages as the result of an injury.

Source: Press & Journal, 30th December 1946

Hibernian Teamsheet:  Kerr; Howie, Shaw; Finnegan, Aird, Kean; Smith, Turnbull, Weir, Peat, Ormond


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cooper, McKenna, McLaughlin, Dunlop, Taylor, Harris, Hamilton, Waldron, Williams, McCall.

Unused Subs:


Referee: D. Alexander, Dundee

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