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AFC - Match Report
match report 1948-49 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 4 - 4 Clyde
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Kiddie, Hamilton, Pearson (Pen), Williams.       Wright 1, Ackerman 22, Ackerman 25, Davies 67  
Attendance: 20,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Those New Dons Won't Come From Hibs
Aberdeen continue to be consistently inconsistent. For weeks we have heard about the first-team players lacking "devil" in their play and of the forwards being "goal-shy." Last Saturday the team showed plenty of spirit and the forwards were anything but "goal-shy." Unfortunately the defenders took it into their heads to be "awkward," with the result that in the end it became a race for goals between Clyde and the Dons, finishing in a dead-heat, each side getting four and the supporters nearly getting heart-failure!
Despite the disappointing result from our point of view, there were some more hopeful signs last Saturday. The Dons' goals against were lost not so much by general weakness in defence as by defensive slips. Admittedly there will need to be a tightening up in defence, but, against that, the work of the forward line as a whole was much more satisfactory - at times it was really good. There were loud cries for a penalty against a Clyde defender for handling. The incident occurred in the second half shortly after Stan Williams had scored the Dons' fourth goal. Another goal at that point in the game would probably have given the home team both points, but the referee waved the game on, and shortly afterwards Clyde deservedly scored the equaliser.

Source: Match Programme, 30th October 1948 [Pittodrie Youth International]

Mr Halliday Told: Waste of Time to Watch Our Men

After Morton's staggering quotation for Billy Campbell, Mr David Halliday, the Aberdeen FC manager, switched to Hibs in his search for new players.
He intended watching a half-back and forward in the Easter Road reserve team on Saturday, but was informed by the Edinburgh club that he would be wasting his time.

Further evidence that new players, especially half-backs, must be found quickly was forthcoming at Pittodrie, where the Dons drew 4-4 with Clyde. The visitors found goals easy to come by, and it was fortunate for Aberdeen that the Shawfield defence was equally susceptible.
There were plenty of goals, but the standard of play left much to be desired. A draw was a fair result, although Clyde created more scoring opportunities than the home team.
Aberdeen again had a glaring weakness at half back. The gamble with Kelly didn't come off, but no blame can be attached to the player, who did his best in a position to which he is obviously unsuited. Nor was McLaughlin any better on his return to the first team.
Week after week Thomson has had to overcome the handicap of lack of support from the flanks, and against Clyde he showed that the strain was beginning to tell. He was responsible for the loss of at least two goals and a rest for a week or two would probably be beneficial.

No Blame to Curran

Further back, Massie and McKenna found it difficult to subdue the eager South Africans, Ackerman and Davies, and the upshot was that goalkeeper Curran had an unfortunate league debut for the Dons. He couldn't be blamed for any of the goals, and in the second half ha had some splendid saves.
A forward line which produces four goals can hardly be criticised, but in sharp contrast to the enterprise shown by his colleagues was the disappointing display of Kiddie.
He has been given several opportunities to play himself into the side and has failed, and this is another position which must be strengthened if the Dons are to get better results.
Taken at its face value, the draw was a good result for Clyde, but Mr Pat Travers must also have some misgivings about his defence, in which McCormack was weak in the vital pivotal position.
The Shawfield forwards played some good football.
Davies placed a corner accurately in the first minute, and when ball was headed out Wright shot through a ruck of players past the unsighted Curran. When Kiddie equalised in the fourth minute Gullan made no attempt to move.

Gillian at Fault

The 'keeper was also at fault when Hamilton put the Dons ahead in twelve minutes. He failed to get behind the inside man's shot and the ball squirmed out of his grasp and over the line with the keeper scrambling on all fours in a vain effort to retrieve it.
Defensive errors in the twenty-second and twenty-fifth minutes allowed Ackerman to score twice, but Clyde didn't hold the lead long, as Pearson scored from a penalty after he had been grassed by Gibson.
Clyde had the initiative in a disappointing second half, but it was Aberdeen who scored, when Williams very deliberately headed a lob by Kelly well away from Gullan. A goal for the visitors was always on the cards, however, and justice was done when Wright ripped open the defence and passed accurately for Davies to shoot home.

Source: Press & Journal, 25th October 1948

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Curran, Massie, McKenna, McLaughlin, Thomson, Kelly, Kiddie, Hamilton, Williams, Harris, Pearson.

Unused Subs:


Clyde Teamsheet:  Gullan, Gibson, Deans, Dunn, McCormack, Campbell, Davies, Wright, Johnstone, Garth, Ackerman


Referee: R. G. Benzie, Irvine

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