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AFC - Match Report
match report 1948-49 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Albion Rovers 2 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    McKinnon 82, Kerr 84       Glen 6.  
Attendance: 750
Venue: Cliftonhill, Coatbridge
Forwards Were the Biggest Sinners

ABERDEEN F.C. should have been in a much happier position this morning. They have nobody but themselves to blame that they are stiil struggling in relegation alley, for the 2-1 defeat by Albion Rovers at Cliftonhill Park was largely of their own making.

To a stay-at-home supporter the score would probably indicate a keen, even struggle, but that is well wide of the mark. Aberdeen took an early lead, and apart from a fatal double lapse the closing minutes they were a superior team to the Rovers.
It was not a day for the dainty footballer. Ground conditions were farcical, and the man who came best out of the ordeal was the player with stamina who could lift the heavy ball out of ths mud and send it hard downfield.
While a defence which loses two goals in as many minutes cannot expect to escape criticism, it was the Pittodrie forwards who were the biggest sinners.
Long before the Coatbridge team equalised the Aberdeen attack had sufficient opportuniiies to put the points in the bag, and all but one were missed.

Danger on Left

Allowances must be made for the fact that the ball was liable to skid anywhere, but both Williams and Emery had more than one opportunity of putting the ball past McGregor. It was not surprising that the South African was out of his element on the gluey surface, but more was expected from the bulky Welshman.
With Williams out of the picture, Rice had to do much of his own foraging. It was from the left flank that most of the danger came to the Albion Rovers defence.
From McKenna outwards the Aberdeen plavers on this side of the field developed the mastery over their opponents. Waddell's lengthy absence has not impaired his efficiency, and he was the most forceful half back afield.
Glen and Hather were quick to cash in on his service, and more goals should have accrued from the lively winger, who could beat Paterson almost at will. Apart from the failings of the other Aberdeen forwards, the sterling play of McGregor (goalkeeper) and English (centre half) went a long way towards giving Rovers their first league win since October.

McKenna Best,/p> McGregor and Curran could cry quits in goal, but McKenna was easily the best back afield. Ancell, his partner, was disappointing, and it was a half-hit clearance by him which allowed Albion Rovers the opportunity to equalise.
Anderson was a pood destructive half-back and Roy played his usual hard game. It was unfortunate that he conceded a penalty, but there was no doubt about it, and the referee was right on the spot.
Glen cleverly took Aberdeen's early goal. Waddell started the move, and when he shoved the ball into the open space Glen hooked it past McGregor. Glen, Waddell and Hather all hit the bar later on but that was the nearest the Dons came to adding to their total.
there were eight minutes left when P. Smith fastened on to Ancell's weak clearance, ran fully ten yards to head the ball well away from Curran. Two minutes later came the penalty and Kerr shot hard past Curran.

Source: Press & Journal, 7th Mrch 1949

Albion Rovers Teamsheet:  McGregor, Paterson, Kerr, Hunter, English, Imrie, McKinnon, Martin, McLean, P. Smith, McLeod


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Curran, Ancell, McKenna, Anderson, Roy, Waddell, Rice, Williams, Emery, Glen, Hather.

Unused Subs:


Referee: P. Fitzpatrick

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