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AFC - Match Report
match report 1949-50 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Raith Rovers 1 - 2 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Emery 21 (o.g.)       Baird 1, Hamilton 26.  
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy
Watson and McKenzie Outstanding

RAITH ROVERS are not likely to lose their "A" Division status. If the fighting display their ten men put up against the Dons is a fair sample of the spirit prevalent at Kirkcaldy they are in little danger of falling "downstairs."

There are worse teams than Raith in Scotland's top sixteen. They were beaten 2-1 by Aberdeen, but had they claimed a point there would have been no cause for complaint.
They fought to the finish in a gallant effort to force a draw.
It looked as if they had succeeded when they were awarded a penalty two minutes from the finish. Maule was tripped by Pearson. Frank Watson, Aberdeen's twenty-year-old goalkeeper, who is studying for an arts degree at Aberdeen University, was the man who thwarted Raith.
Joe McLaughlin, who went to Stark's Park from Pittodrie, took the spot kick. I thought he rushed it a bit. The big centre put plenty of power behind his drive, but Watson swung to the right to effect magnificent save.

Smith Hurt,/p> Twenty minutes after the start of the game the Kirkcaldy team lost the services of Smith, their right winger, who sustained a foot injury. Twice he made an effort to return to the field, but the pain was too much for him.
An awkward, swirling wind made the ball difficult to control. The Dons succeeded in taming it more effectively than Raith. The home lads were a hard-hitting lot, but the more cultured football came from Aberdeen.
The Dons' best spell was in the first half. With Anderson and Harris coming through with the ball, the forwards started to move smoothly and rhythmically.
Unfortunately, they permitted Raith to take the initiative for the major part of the second half.
Just before the Kirkcaldy team put in their storming finish, the Dons were tracing complicated patterns through the Rovers' defence. They should have got goals during this period.
The Raith Rovers players went flat out for the vital points. Aberdeen, on the other hand, gave me the impression that, with an important cup-tie against Queen of the South this week, they were not prepared to take risks unless it was absolutely necessary.

Watson Brilliant

The Dons' outstanding personalities in defence were Frank Watson and Ralph McKenzie. The goalkeeper's display touched the brilliant standard in the closing stages.
The centre half was kept active by McLaughlin, a strong and willing leader of attack, but he did not possess the craft to outwit McKenzie. Anderson was the more forceful wing half back, but Harris was handicapped by a kick on the kneecap, sustained in the first half.
Hamilton and Pearson were the best Pittodrie attackers. The centre was opposed to a robust opponent in Colville, but this did not prevent him distributing play in his usual intelligent manner.

Baird put the Dons on the right lines with a goal within a minute of the start.
Till, the Raith right half, must shoulder most of the blame. He passed back short to Johnstone, and the Aberdeen inside left intercepted the ball to drive into the net.
After twenty-one minutes' play, Emery rather benevolently presented the Kirkcaldy team with the equaliser. The right back, with nobody within yards, attempted a pass back, and must have been chagrined to see the ball finish in the net.
Five minutes later, Aberdeen regained the lead. Following a free kick by Emery, Johnstone parried a shot from Hamilton but, before he couid complete the clearance, the Dons' centre followed up swiftly to head home.

Source: Press & Journal, 6th March 1950

Raith Rovers Teamsheet:  Johnstone, McSpadyen, Young, Till, Colville, Leigh, Smith, Maule, mcLaughlin, Collins, Penman


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Watson, Emery, McKenna, Anderson, McKenzie, Harris, Stenhouse, Yorston, Hamilton, Baird, Pearson.

Unused Subs:


Referee: F. Scott

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