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match report 1904-05 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Third Round 
Aberdeen 1 - 1 Aberdeen University
Kick Off:    Robertson.       Anderson  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The above teams met at Pittodrie on Saturday in the third round of the Qualifying Cup competition. Aberdeen had out their usual first team, except that Willox took Strang's place at centre half. The Varsity played their strongest possible eleven, two of the defenders being R. S. Clark and Jack Brebner, who are well known in county cricket. Though the match was considered more as an exercise game for Aberdeen, a fair attendance turned out, over 2000 witnessing the start, the University men being strongly in evidence. The teams lined up as follows:- Aberdeen - McFarlane; Murray and D. McNicol; Halkett, Willox, and Low; Robertson, G. McNicol, Ellis, McAulay, and G. Ritchie. University - R. S. Clark; Brebner and J. Clark; Ross, Sangster and Gourlay; Smith, A. Milne, J. Milne, McDonald and Anderson. Referee - Mr J. Davidson, Arbroath.
Aberdeen lost the toss, and kicked off against the wind, which was blowing from a westerly direction. Aberdeen made a momentary attack on the left, but the ball came out to J. Milne, who eluded D. McNicol, and opened the scoring a minute and a half from the start. The ball flew just under the bar, and McFarlane had no chance of saving. This unexpected success was greeted by loud cheers from the students' supporters. After a short attack by Aberdeen's right wing, the "reds" again got down, and another mistake by McNicol let the two Milnes away, but unfortunately J's shot went wide. Sangster showed up well for the Varsity, saving an almost certain goal after R. S. Clark had mishandled under the crossbar. 'Varsity, helped by the wind and sun behind them, again got down and Murray effected a fine clearance from McDonald. McAulay, who was putting in some good work, broke away on his own, but was fouled when near the 18 yards' line. From the free kick Willox sent narrowly past. Aberdeen pressed strongly, and after a combined movement by the forwards, Robertson landed the ball on the top of the net. A slack period of play, during which Aberdeen forwards persistently put the ball out resulted in Ritchie shooting behind. Another inroad by the "reds" and another miss by McNicol let J. Milne into a fine position, but Murray came to the rescue and charged down a good shot. A fine place by Gourlay looked dangerous, but Allan Milne muddled his shot. A corner forced by the 'Varsity was badly placed behind. Anderson has a brilliant run, beating Murray and Halkett, but unluckily ran the ball outside. From the throw-in Sangster initiated a good move and seemed like scoring, only offside by J. Milne spoiled the effort. A run by Aberdeen's left resulted in a corner, from which Clark fisted out well from McNicol's header. Brebner checked Ritchie and McAulay a moment later, but Murray finely pulled up the run which followed by 'Varsity's left. Aberdeen played most disappointingly, but with half an hour gone McAulay responded to the repeated calls to "play up" by breaking through on his own. He centred finely, and Ellis headed in, only to see the University custodian make a grand clearance. Murray ran down himself, and centred finely, but McAulay, after a bad miss and a fine recovery, shot straight into Clark's hands. Ritchie was badly fouled by Ross, but the free kick was headed out by Gourlay, who played a fine defensive game. Aberdeen's right wing was practically neglected and Robertson and McNicol had few opportunities. Smith and Allan Milne broke away, and forced a corner off McNicol, who was evidently troubled by the sun, but the Aberdeen skipper cleared the kick. Duncan fouled Smith dangerously near the penalty line a moment later, and McDonald and J. Milne had both a chance from the free kick, but missed badly. A run by Ritchie let Low have a splendid drive at Clark, but the custodian fielded the ball capitally, and punting out to Sangster, the 'Varsity captain, after working for position, skimmed the cross bar with a shot which made McFarlane jump. A fine shot by Robertson, which just missed characterised Aberdeen's next attempt to score, but on the whole the 'Varsity had a good share of the play. Gourlay landed a grand free kick in McFarlane's arms, and after this narrow escape Aberdeen played hard to draw level before half-time, but were frustrated by Sangster, Gourlay and J. Clark. McFarlane caught a back pass from McNicol and threw out neatly and directly afterwards the whistle sounded for the interval. Half-time - University, 1; Aberdeen, 0.
About 2000 spectators witnessed the resumption, and with the wind and sun in their favour, Aberdeen were confidently expected to "slaughter" the students in the second half. McNicol collared the kick off, and a fast run by Robertson was well stopped by J. Clark. Ellis hit the cross-bar next minute, and from a corner which followed, several Aberdeen forwards and halves missed glorious chances. Robertson forced another corner off Brebner, but the ball was sent behind by Ellis. Clark saved a grand shot from G. McNicol, and merited the round of applause which he received. Aberdeen's supporters became impatient for the equaliser, and yells and counter yells rang out all over the enclosure. Robertson got off from a grand cross from McAulay, but McNicol and Ellis mulled his centre between them. Some good defending work by J. Clark, Jack Brebner, and Gourlay were the next items of interest, though from two break-aways by Smith and Milne, it looked as if 'Varsity would score again. McAulay headed over from almost under the bar from a corner kick, and from the goal kick, D. McNicol showed his men the way east only to see the ball lashed wildly behind. Sangster played like two men for the "reds," and his services to his side at the time were absolutely invaluable. Aberdeen's players were inclined to lose their heads, and at one time George McNicol and J. Clark had almost come to blows when the referee timely intervened. The 'Varsity goalkeeper fielded the ball like the expert rugby player he is, and on several occasions he saved his charge by a brilliant dash out of goal. Robertson dropped him heavily when fisting out once and again the referee administered words of correction, and Ellis a minute after headed wildly over from a pass by Robertson. Aberdeen had all the play, but their efforts to score were extremely puerile. Seldom had such game defending been seen against a superior side as the 'Varsity showed at Pittodrie. Sangster on one occasion suddenly appeared from nowhere and picked the ball off Ritchie's toe when "Tottie" was left with an open goal. G. McNicol broke away from a free kick granted against Ross, and passing everybody was left with Clark standing helplessly before him. To everybody's surprise, he sent past the post, but the equaliser was not long in coming. Ritchie had a couple of long shots from the goal kick, the second of which Jimmy Robertson headed through from close in, Clark having touched the ball but failed to fist out completely. This occurred twenty minutes from time, and the serious state of things could be thoroughly realised by the way Robertson's hand was twisted nearly off by his colleagues. Clark fisted out finely six times in succession within the next two minutes, and although the 'Varsity's forward rushes were always dangerous, the "Wasps" supporters normal heart action had returned , and the frantic appeals to play up showed that the temporary scare had in no way affected their lung power. Some magnificent clearances by Johnny Clark, Brebner, Sangster, and Ross were next in evidence when McAulay sent a grand low shot which Clark diverted somehow at the expense of a corner. A run by Jack Milne looked dangerous and MacFarlane, running out, brought off a very risky save. McAulay, from a grand centre put the ball square on the top of the cross-bar. Ritchie was waiting for the pass, but the ball bounced behind. Sangster brought up Ellis when he was past practically everyone else on the left, Brebner having fallen in stopping Ritchie. Directly afterwards, at the outcome of a corner, Halkett sent the ball at lightning speed past the post. Aberdeen pressed hard to the finish, but could not score though Ross only kicked clear close on time by a very risky expedient. Final result:- Aberdeen, 1; University, 1. At the close of the game John Sangster was carried shoulder high to the dressing room through a throng of wildly enthusiastic University men. The gate amounted to 57

Source: Aberdeen Free Press, Monday 3rd October 1904

Aberdeen met the 'Varsity in the third round of the Qualifying Cup at Pittodrie. Excellent weather prevailed and there was a large number of spectators. The teams were: - University: R.S. Clark; J. Brebner, J. Clark; C. Ross, J. Sangster, D. Gourlay; A. Smith, A. Milne, J. Macdonald, J. Anderson. Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, McNicol; Halkett, Willox, Low; Robertson, McNicol, Ellis, McAulay, Ritchie. Referee - J. Davidson, Arbroath. The game at the commencement was somewhat exciting. The 'Varsity men, securing the ball, got well down, Anderson succeeded in notching a point, Macfarlane failing in his endeavour to negotiate. The students, encouraged by their success, played with considerable dash for some time, but the superior work of the Aberdeen men soon became apparent. Frequent were the visits to the students' citadel, and often by the luckiest chance scoring was averted. Both Ritchie and Robertson made excellent efforts to open the scoring for Aberdeen, but were unsuccessful. Play continued in the territory of the 'Varsity. Robertson had another try when, receiving the ball from Ritchie, he headed it to the goal. The custodian, however, saved. As half time approached the students are again pressed but were repulsed.

On resuming, Aberdeen assumed the offensive and Clark had a rather hot time, but he gave a good account of himself. The Aberdeen men lost a number of good opportunities, but ultimately the equalising shot came when Robertson, getting the leather from Ritchie, ground men now pressed hard, but luck was against them, and some good work went without reward. Play concentrated round the students' goal till time was called.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 3rd October 1904

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  MacFarlane, Murray, McNicol, Halkett, Willox, Low, Robertson, McNicol, Ellis, McAulay, Ritchie.

Unused Subs:


Aberdeen University Teamsheet:  R. S. Clark; Brebner, J. Clark; Ross, Sangster, Gourlay; Smith, A. Milne, J. Milne, McDonald, Anderson


Referee: Mr. J. Davidson, Arbroath

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