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AFC - Match Report
match report 1904-05 fixture list
East Scotland League 
Aberdeen 0 - 1 Hibernian
Kick Off:          Morgan  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Played at Pittodrie before three thousand spectators. Aberdeen were weakened through absence of McAulay, but after Campbell had tried MacFarlane with a fast shot and missed a dead goal from a penalty, Aberdeen played up and gave Rennie an anxious time. Towards the close of the first half Aberdeen had innumerable chances, which they failed to convert. Duncan McNicol had to leave the field injured, Aberdeen playing with ten men in the second half. Hibs scored through the inside left. Aberdeen did everything but score after this, and a hard game ended:- Hibernians, one goal; Aberdeen, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman 17-05-1905

Aberdeen concluded their East of Scotland League program for the season by playing the Hibernians at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, last night. When the teams met in the League competition on the first Tuesday of the year Aberdeen won by three goals to one, so that yesterday's game was looked forward to with great interest, as the Hibs came north with the intention of securing the points. The ground was in splendid condition. Fully 3000 spectators were present when the team lined up as follows:-
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, McNicol; Halkett, W. Low, G. Robertson; Robertson, G. McNicol, H. Low, Edgar.
Hibernians: Rennie; McConnachie, Glen; Harrower, Main, Callaghan; Stewart, Lawrie, Morgan, Donnachie, Campbell.
Referee - Mr. W Forrest, Leith

Aberdeen won the toss, and immediately made off two wards the other end, and kept up a fierce attack on their opponents' citadel, Rennie having to deal with several hard shots. The internationalist, however, was unbeatable, turning aside the ball in a most remarkable manner. The attack was only momentary, for Campbell initiated a good run, and finished by sending in a rocket shot which was a few inches too high. The Aberdeen defence for a few minutes was kept on tenterhooks, until D. McNicol with a great punt, sent the ball far down the field. The home team then took the game in hand, and were swarming around Rennie in a dangerous man are. The visitors' defence, however, played up well, and repelled attack after attack. G. McNicol, after dribbling through several opponents, sent in a beautiful shot, which Rennie got away with great difficulty. The visitors' forwards who raced to the other end, but Murray cleared in fine style. They were soon down again on Macfarlane, and during the struggle which prevailed W. Low handled the ball within the penalty line. The Hibs were granted the usual penalty kick, but Macfarlane brought off a grand saved, and was heartily cheered for his splendid feat. The Aberdeen forwards then made off, and, after getting past the backs, Ruddiman shot behind. Play continued to be fast and furious, Aberdeen completely out playing the Greens. Rennie had to fist out again and again. The clever footwork of G. McNicol and Robertson was greatly admired. They worked beautifully together, and tested Rennie again and again, but the goalkeeper turned aside all sorts of shots. The visitors never had a look in, Macfarlane never having to exert himself. The right and left men of the visitors' front rank got away occasionally, but Murray and D. McNicol pull them up on every occasion. The stripes had by far the best of the game, and continually bombarded Rennie's charge. Aberdeen still kept the upper hand, and completely hemmed in the Greens, until a free kick broke relief. Stewart got away, I and, after the center-forward had outwitted W Low, he sent in a shot which was rather wide. The Stripes secured two corners in quick succession, but week shooting on the part of the forwards was responsible for no goals being scored. Ruddiman had several good opportunities for opening the scoring, but he failed to follow up his advantage. Tricky work by the home half-backs was a pleasing feature of the game, every one of them having creditable tries at goal. Play it was all in the Hibs' end, and Rennie and the backs had plenty of work to do. G. McNicol's passes to Robertson always allowed the Aberdeen "flier" to get off, but his finishing touches were occasionally rather wide of the mark. D. McNicol, in bringing up the Hibs' centre-forward, got one of his knees injured, and had to leave the field. A few minutes later Harrower was also injured, and he left the field. Aberdeen were having all the play, and were crafted a free kick well in, and W Low, who took the kick, sent in a rocket shot, which Rennie with great difficulty got away.

On resuming, both teams took the field in rearranged front ranks. D. McNicol was unable to turn out, and Aberdeen took the field with ten men, H. Low going in the centre. Aberdeen opened in business-like fashion, and bore down on Rennie. The Aberdeen rearranged front rank work with greater precision, H. Low and McNicol sending in swift shots. A most exciting five minutes followed, the home forwards and half-backs being over the penalty line shooting for all they were worth. The ball struck the cross-bar and uprights again and again, but into the net it would not go. A free kick, however, road relief for a short time. The home forwards were back again at Rennie, but the ball went behind. The visitors' forwards began to show the pace, and Macfarlane was called upon to save many shots. In the second half, as in the first, the Hibs were completely outclassed. The visitors secured a corner, but the ball went behind. The Greens again made off, and Morgan, after defeating Murray, finished up or with a swift shot, which Macfarlane caught but could not hold, and the ball rolled into the net. Aberdeen, after this reverse, forced corner after corner, but the advantages were of no avail. The game ended in a victory for the Hibernians by 1 goal to 0. Aberdeen were rather unlucky to be defeated, for three goals to one in their favour would have represented the run of the play. The gate money at mounted to 53.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 16th May 1905

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Macfarlane; Murray, McNicol; Halkett, W. Low, G. Robertson; Robertson, G. McNicol, H. Low, Edgar

Hibernian Teamsheet:  Rennie; McConnachie, Glen; Harrower, Main, Callaghan; Stewart, Lawrie, Morgan, Donnachie, Campbell


Referee: Mr. W Forrest, Leith

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