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match report 1906-07 fixture list
Aberdeen 4 - 2 Newcastle United
Kick Off:    Lang, Wilson, Low, McDonald.       Dodds, Court  
Attendance: 9,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The English League champions concluded their Scottish tour by playing Aberdeen at Pittodrie. There were between 6000 and 7000 spectators. The first half was equally contested, there being no scoring. Shortly after resuming, James opened the scoring for Aberdeen and Dodds equalised for the visitors. In rapid succession Wilson, MacDonald, and H. Low scored for Aberdeen, Newcastle replying through Croal with a second goal. Aberdeen were in great form, and won by four goals to two.

Source: The Scotsman, 29th April 1907

Note: The above Scotsman report names Aberdeen's opening scorer as "James" - this was James Lang. Newcastle's second scorer is reported as "Croal" but it is reported in the ADJ as Court. The Scotsman also inaccurately reported Henry Low as playing when it was in fact Wilfred Low. [The Glasgow Herald gives the second Newcastle United goalscorer as Hall]. AFC Heritage chooses to go with the information reported in the local paper.
Newcastle United concluded their Scottish tour on Saturday, when they met Aberdeen at Pittodrie. Long before the kick-off a large crowd had assembled within the enclosure, and fully 9000 spectators witnessed the game. The English Leaguers played several reserves in the front rank. teams:-

Aberdeen: MacFarlane, Boyle, Gault, Halkett, Strang, W. Low, MacDonald, Simpson, Wilson, Lang, Lennie.
Newcastle United: Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Gardner, Speedie, Jobey, Blackburn, Howie, Hall, Court, Dodds.
Refereee - Mr. Nisbet, Edinburgh.

Aberdeen played against the wind in the first half. The ground was in capital order, but the high wind greatly interfered with the play. The opening was sensational, for Aberdeen attacked right away, and almost scored. Macdonald crossed finely, and an exciting bit of play ensued on the Newcastle goal-line. Wilson had the goal practically at his mercy when Lawrence was unable to clear, but McCracken saved the situation. Aberdeen's good start pleased the crowd immensely, and for a time the visitors were unable to shake off the persistent attacks of the Pittodrie forwards. Halkett, Simpson, and Macdonald were all prominent with good football, while Wilson kept the Newcastle backs continually on the move, the centre repeatedly rushing in and spoiling their returns. Newcastle could not get set agoing, even with the help of the breeze. Gardiner forced the pace on the right for the Englishmen, but any attempt to settle down was spoiled by the home half-backs, all of whom were particularly effective. Wilson tried hard to open Aberdeen's account, and with the least bit of luck the centre would probably have achieved his object. The first really dangerous run by Newcastle came from their left wing. Dodds sprinted along the touchline, beating Boyle en route to goal. A lovely cross fro the left-winger went abegging. The play, however, was uneventful, the nasty wind being greatly to blame, although the Newcastle players were not disposed to force matters. Twice Macfarlane cleared when surrounded by a crowd of eager players, one save being specially good. Aberdeen on the whole were playing the better football, their half-backs being prominent for clever all-round work. Lawrence had great difficulty in clearing from Wilson, while Macdonald and Halkett each sent across accurate centres from the right, which were smartly dealt with by Lawrence. Howie and Blackburn made creditable efforts to score for Newcastle, while Dodds was also conspicuous for dangerous runes and centres on the left. At half-time the game stood level, no goals being scored.

In the second half Aberdeen had the wind in their favour, and within five minutes from the restart the local team were a goal up. Lennie cleverly outwitted the Newcastle right back, and subsequently passed the ball to Lang, who opened the scoring with a slow shot that struck one of the uprights and rebounded into the net. Aberdeen played up in a spirited fashion, the Newcastle defence being stretched to the utmost. Macdonald and Simpson were clever on the right, while Lennie was very active on the left. A sudden breakaway by Newcastle, however, enabled them to equalise. Dodds fairly beat Boyle on the run, and had a straight passage in on Macfarlane, who was easily beaten. Equal again, the teams entered into the game with plenty of dash; indeed, the play this half was distinctly good. Howie got through the Aberdeen defence, but Wilfred Low blaocked the inside right when on the point of shooting. The local players gradually took the game in hand, Lennie being very aggressive, and at times the tricky left winger fairly baffled the Newcastle right back. As the result of Lennie's bright play a second goal fell to Aberdeen. He beat the defence single-handed, and then centred right in front of goal. Wilson had the easiest of chances, and he took full advantage of his opening, the ball being sent into the net before Lawrence had time to clear. Almost within a couple of minutes Aberdeen got a third goal. Wilfred Low was the scorer, and a lovely effort it was. Getting on the ball near the penalty line, the left half drove straight for goal. Lawrence was beaten all the way, the ball landing high up in the net. Still another goal for Aberdeen, and the crowd cheered to the echo. Sprinting along the wing, Macdonald shot from a long way out, the Newcastle goalkeeper just reaching the ball with the tips of his fingers, but was unable to stay its progress. Newcastle were completely taken by surprise, while the huge crowd were delighted at the success of the local team. Playing up strongly on the right, Howie crossed smartly in front of Macfarlane, who failed to save a header from Court. The game was keenly fought out till the finish, but no further scoring took place.
Aberdeen deserved their win, their forwards and half-backs being much ahead of the Newcastle players.

The gate and stands amounted to £214 8s.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 29th April 1907


League Champions. defeated.

Newcastle were anxious to secure one victory in their Scottish tour, and had laid themselves out specially to win at Aberdeen. There was a great crowd present, and it would have been bigger but for the inclement nature of the weather. The wind was of the curly nature when the teams took the field, making the ball take peculiar curves, while it needed some force behind it on one side of the field, the slightest tip on the other put it out of play. Newcastle winning the toss took advantage of the wind and sun, Aberdeen being set to face the elements. Lawrence got the first bit of exercise from Macdonald, Simpson and Wil¨son dashing in simultaneously, the custodian cleared and no more. Lennie next tried a long grounder, which McCracken put into touch. Blackburn got in a lovely centre, which Hall could not get at, through Boyle gently brushing him aside, and punting into the gardens. Gault made one or two miserable attempts at clearing, and but for Macfarlane saving in his best style Newcastle ought to have scored. "Rab" was master of the situation all this half, some of his work being really brilliant; we were seeing him at his best, which is always worth something. Neither side could gauge the wind properly in the first half. Shots which looked dead for goal had the knack of going round the post or not reaching that haven. The second half was not long set agoing when Lennie cleverly outwitted Gardner and raced for goal. "James" aided the movement, and when he secured position Laurence had to acknowledge defeat. This lead was not long maintained when the Newcastle left-winger got a low one past "Rab," thus equalizing. Aberdeen were not done, for Wilson got in, from a pass by Lennie, and scored. Then Macdonald got a curly one, which was followed by W. Low scoring a perfect beauty. This put the home crowd in exultant humour, and Newcastle's second goal was received with slight applause compared with the previous goals scored by the home side. Aberdeen ran out winners by 4 goals to 2 - a result which few would have predicted before the game started.

The Play and Players.

In comparison with the last occasion on which Newcastle were at Pittodrie the play was poor. This was entirely due to the wind, which spoiled the transit of the ball from player to player. The home side got first on the target and kept there, Lawrence showing a great lack of judgment in dealing with some of the shots, which we thought he ought to have saved. Howie and Blackburn made a splendid pair, but Hall was a dead failure in centre, the other wing being serviceable, though not so showy. The halves were all good, but did not show the sprightliness of movement we have seen them do. McCracken and Carr are a couple of grand backs, and can tackle and kick like the best. On the home side "Rab" was great, but Boyle and Gault were in difficulties often. The halves all played splendidly, very little, if any, fault could be found with any of the three. Lennie and his new partner worked well together, "James" being a little nervous at the start, but it wore off as the game proceeded. Wilson was all right, and the right wing was better than we have yet seen them. Lennie, however, was the star of the-lot, and he deserved the hearty cheers, for some of his work was in keeping with his reputation.

Chatty Bits.

Halket is the latest to sign on for another season, and it is ex-pected that Macfarlane will have put his name down before this appears.
The directors seem to have something up their sleeve, judging. by the silence they are preserving at present.
There are whispers that several good catches have been made, but they are not to be divulged meantime.
From what we can gather, and one director told us straight, that if they could get a couple of good backs, or even one, they would be satisfied with what they have in hand meantime.
Various rumours are going about the brothers Low, but we are assured the directors wish to retain them if they are agree¨able.
Some of these statements which are going the rounds have to be taken with a grain of salt - and a big close at that.
We are assured that there is not a vestige of truth in the statement that appeared in a Dundee print, that Muir, the goalkeeper, was likely to come to Aberdeen. There has been no communication directly or indirectly on either side.
It is the intention, and has been for some time on the part of the Aberdeen directors, to keep "Rab," if he were willing to stay, and we believe that has been arranged satisfactorily.
Nothing has been done with the Reserves yet, it being understood that none of them are very anxious to shift their quarters meantime.
The Brothers Simpson, Brebner, "Gowie" Robertson, John Robertson, Lawrie, and Mutch are worth keeping in our opinion.
Newcastle enjoyed their visit to the Granite City, and were loud in their praise of the hospitality they received.
Their only regret was that they did not win, and they were terribly anxious to score a victory at Pittodrie.
If they have a tour north next season Aberdeen will certainly be one of the places they are to visit.
The announcement that the A team had won at Falkirk was the crowning mark of a great day at Pittodrie.
The crowd were delighted when we posted the final result.
Wilton's injury is more severe than was at first thought, and will keep him out of the team for weeks. It was his knee that got damaged.<.br> If the reserves do not win the Shield, they will make a rare fight for it.
As the "gates" are pooled in the Dewar Shield competition, the final will require to produce a big gate, before there is any¨thing worth dividing.
We believe it is the intention of the Aberdeen directors to play two games on Monday - the holiday - if it can be arranged. One in the forenoon and one in the afternoon.
St. Bernards were asked to play in the afternoon, but cannot raise a team, and East Fife have been requested to fill the vacancy, so as to wipe off a Northern League fixture.
If all goes well the final tie for the Fleming Charity Shield will be played on the 15th of May; the last day of the season.
Aberdeen A have still two Northern League fixtures to play - East Fife and Lochee - at home. Where are dates to be found for them?

Source: Bon-Accord, 2nd May 1907

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  MacFarlane, Boyle, Gault, Halkett, Strang, Low, McDonald, Simpson, Wilson, Lang, Lennie.

Unused Subs:


Newcastle United Teamsheet:  Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Gardner, Speedie, Jobey, Blackburn, Howie, Hall, Court, Dodds


Referee: Mr. J.Nisbet, Edinburgh

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