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AFC - Match Report
match report 1908-09 fixture list
Fleming Charity Shield Semi Final 
Aberdeen 5 - 2 Buckie Thistle
Kick Off:    Jaffray, Wilson 1, Wilson 53, Wilson, Towns.       Nelson, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
These teams met at Pittodrie yesterday afternoon in the semi-final of this competition, the proceeds of which are devoted to charitable institutions. There was only a handful of spectators present at the start. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Hannah, JJ Simpson, Dr. Ross; Hay, towns, Wilson, Davidson, Jaffrey.
Buckie Thistle: Imlah; Duncan, Bruce; Thompson, Clark, Paterson; Stewart, Marshall, McKenzie, Nelson, Smith.
Referee - Mister P. Gillespie.

Mackenzie burst away at the start, but JJ Simpson chimed in. Jaffrey then got off on the home left, and centered beautifully. The ball went to Hannah, who passed to Wilson, that player scoring after a minutes play with a fast grounder. Aberdeen kept up the pressure, and a lovely centre from Hay was just cleared. Following upon a run up by Stewart and Marshall, Mutch recklessly gave away a corner, but a foul relieved. Aberdeen so far had a picnic, and some tricky play by Davidson and Jaffrey ended in the latter beating Imlah with a deceptive curling shot. Judicious feeding by Clark enabled the Thistle to make ground, and Mutch had to clear a bouncing ball. Imlah's charge was soon again in danger, and when Wilson tipped the ball over Imlah's head, the sphere went behind. A big kick by Duncan transfer to play, and Mutch had a hot shot to clear from McKenzie. Some good midfield play was witnessed for a time. The homesters were soon swarming around Imlah, and from a corner placed by Jaffrey the crossbar kept Wilson's head are out. For 10 minutes, Buckie were never over the middle line, but Nelson got off and out-distanced Colman, and had a good effort at Mutch, who cleared. After a fruitless sprint by Jaffrey, Nelson and Smith got away, and a misunderstanding between much and his backs ended in nelson's scoring. The Thistle defence had a busy time indeed, but by determination and luck got the ball away on many dangerous locations. Davidson netted from a centre by Hay, but a previous infringement nullified the point. Wilson had a great chance from a cross from Jaffrey, but sent the ball weakly behind. A corner - the eighth of the match at the Buckie end, all of which had been fruitless - also went for nothing. Mutch gave away a flag kick at the other end, but Thomson sent behind.

In the second half Buckie had to contend with what little sounder wars. Imlah's goal had a narrow escape, the ball travelling slowly across the goalmouth. Towns's was almost through on another occasion. After 8 minutes Wilson, who had gone lame, scored from a pass from Simpson. Gold kicks, the result of reckless shooting by the home forwards, were almost the order of the day at the Thistle end. Wilson headed a fourth goal from a corner kick, and 2 minutes later, under similar circumstances towns added a fifth. Hume and Wilson exchanged places. Hume headed across from Hay over the bar. A break off by McKenzie brought his side a corner, but Marshall sent the cross high over. This was only a flash in the pan, however, and Aberdeen were soon back at Imlah, and play ruled entirely in their favour.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 4th May 1909

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch, Colman, Hume, Hannah, Simpson, Trialist, Hay, Towns, Wilson, Davidson, Jaffray.

Unused Subs:


Buckie Thistle Teamsheet:  Imlah; Duncan, Bruce; Thompson, Clark, Paterson; Stewart, Marshall, McKenzie, Nelson, Smith


Referee: Mister P. Gillespie

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