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AFC - Match Report
match report 1912-13 fixture list
St. Johnstone 3 - 5 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Bennett, Cameron, Lindsay (pen)       Main, Lennie, Travers, Davidson, Lennie.  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Muirton Park, Perth
Lennie's Return to Form
Although eight goals were scored at Perth in the friendly match between St Johnstone and Aberdeen, the game lacked little in strenuous effort, and the play from start to finish was most interesting. The First Leaguers were a long time in settling down, and St Johnstone were twice within an ace of scoring in the first fifteen minutes, after which Main raced clean through, and practically walked the ball into the net. The Dons were not long allowed to maintain the lead, as Bennett, from a foul conceded close to the penalty line beat King all the way, and just before half-time Johnnie Cameron, the St Johnstone opportunist, put the Saints on the lead with a drive very close in from a corner.

The First Leaguers resumed after the interval with a dash which for a time fairly staggered the Saints. Lennie obtained the equaliser with a shot which Aitken ought to have held, and ere the ball was well started Travers had added a third goal with a drive which entered the net after hitting the inside of the upright. For a spell there was no holding in the elusive Wasps, and Davidson scored the most spectacular goal of the match with a great drive, the ball flashing towards goal from about 40 yards out, hitting the edge of the upright, and crashing into the net as Aitken made an ineffectual effort to get at the leather. St Johnstone did not take this lying down, and King's citadel was repeatedly challenged. Hume badly fouled Heggie in the penalty area, and Archie Lindsay gave the Aberdeen keeper no chance with a rocket drive. One behind, St Johnstone struggled valiantly for the equaliser, but Colman was coolness personified, and his colleague was equally safe, alike in kicking and tackling. Lennie was one of the most prominent men in the field, and he capped a brilliant individual effort by rounding Bennett and Halkett, and leaving Aitken, somewhat to his surprise, helpless with a high curling shot.

While St Johnstone were beaten by a couple of goals, the Second Leaguers had every credit in putting up such a valorous fight against a clever opposition, and surprise was expressed by Perth sportsmen at such a team as the Wasps being ousted from the Scottish ties by Dumbarton. The outstanding men for Aberdeen were Colman, Travers, main, and Lennie. Aitken had rather a bad day for the Saints in goal, and ought to have averted at least two of the counters. Archie Lindsay was not far from being the finest back on the field, while Bennett was best at half. Brown was the most prominent forward for the Saints. Considering that the match was merely a friendly, the attendance was satisfactory, and the drawings amounted to between 35 and 40.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 24th March 1913

St. Johnstone Teamsheet: 


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  King, Colman, Hume, Davidson, Wilson, Brewster, Soye, Travers, Main, Wood, Lennie.

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