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AFC - Match Report
match report 1904-05 fixture list
Scottish Cup First Round 
Aberdeen 2 - 1 Queens Park
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Low (Pen), Robertson.       Campbell  
Attendance: 16,000 (Visitors: 1,500)
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
16,000 Spectators
This tie was played at Pittodrie before a great crowd. Both teams were under strength, Skene and T. Campbell being absent from the visitors', and McNicol and Halkett from the home side. A strong breeze blew towards the eastern goal, and Aberdeen having the advantage made matters hum for their opponents. As a result of Eadie handling within the penalty, Low opened the score for Aberdeen. In the second period Aberdeen were all over the Queen's till they secured their second goal through Robertson. By dint of hard work, Queen's eventually scored through Campbell, but failed to find the equaliser. Result:- Aberdeen, two goals; Queen's Park, one goal. The drawings amounted to 548. Source: The Scotsman, 30th January 1905

One of the most interesting football matches played in Scotland on Saturday was that between the famous Queen's Park, Glasgow, and the Aberdeen teams. The match was played at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, and was witnessed by a crowd if over 16,000 persons, of record for Aberdeen. The money taken at the gates and at the stands totalled 348. A special train from Glasgow brought 1500 supporter of the Queen's Park to Aberdeen. The local team more without Duncan McNicol (back) and Halkett (half-back), but able substitutes were found in Brebner and Robertson, of the A team. There were also two changes in the Queen's Park eleven, W. Eadie taking the place of Skene in goal, and Nisbet being substituted for Campbell in the left-half position. The weather was mild and drive, and the pitch in good condition, but a south-westerly breeze blew down the field. Punctually at 3 o'clock the teams lined up as follows:-
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, Brebner; Low, Strang, Robertson; Robertson, McNicol, Ruddiman, McAulay, Ritchie.
Queens Park: W. Eadie; R. G. Campbell, A. Richmond; James Haden, J. L. Logan, Nisbet; J. McLean, T. N. Miller, D. Wilson, jun, T. T. Fitchie, P. F. Jones.
Referee - Mr. A. Edwards, Cathcart, Glasgow.

Aberdeen won the toss, and Wilson kicked off for the Queen's. He passed to Fitchie, and the "Spiders" got well down on Macfarlane, but Henry Low knitting end, got the ball away. Queen's look like business. "Gowie" Robertson got a cheers to himself for some tricky work on the left, and then the ball was well placed to Robertson, who headed in. Ruddiman rushed the goalkeeper after he had got the ball away. Queen's then had a visit to the other end, Mclean beating J. Robertson. Murray cleared, but gave away a corner. Aberdeen had a nice run, but J. Robertson missed the pas. Aberdeen were not sent away, however, but they appeared to be excited, and only a goal-kick followed. For an infringement within the dreaded line, the Queen's were penalised, and Henry Low took the kick, and planted the ball in the net, Eadie, who came out to the six yards line, being completely beaten. Aberdeen continued to show surprising form, and Queen's were unable to make any headway. Still maintaining the pressure, the Pittodrie men were again down on Eadie, but only a bye resulted. A corner in favour of Aberdeen was given a minute later, but it was intercepted. "Gowie" Robertson was in great form, and came to the rescue after Strang was beaten by Wilson. A pass out to McLean allowed that player to get down, and Henry Low misheading, a scrimmage followed, in the midst of which Macfarlane emerged, and fisted away at the expense of a corner. Less than a minute after, Macfarlane brought off a great save with two Queen's men elbowing him. Henry Low was holding in Fitchie very well, and Strang covered up when Low failed. Played the generated somewhat, there being too much excitement. In a neck-and-neck race with Jones, Low was the victor, and Murray cleared. McAulay beat J. Eadie, and the Aberdeen front rank were dangerous. Mclean got the ball but was beaten by "Gowie" Robertson. A judicious pass by Wilson to McLean let the Queen's outside right off with a clear field. McLean shot Lowe and swift, but a yard wide. Robertson overran the ball in a likely position, but recovered. He got at loggerheads with Campbell, and showing some temper, received a word of warning from the referee. "Gowie" Robertson was beating the wing oppose to him almost every time. Queens's at this stage were pretty hard pressed, and often kicked into touch for safety. There was still an absence of the finer points of the game. A nice piece of combination was originated by McAulay, but McNicol's pass was too far ahead. A rattling piece of play by Fitchie throughout the Aberdeen defence, and let McLean away. When McLean was settling for a shot, Tom Strang sent him sprawling, and the ball went wide. Aberdeen raced to the other end, and Ritchie, from the corner flag, centred but the wind carried the ball over the bar. At this stage Miller was heart, and had to leave the field. Aberdeen were oftenest dangerous. Neat overhead kicking by Ritchie kept the ball well in, but McNicol was given off side almost on the goalkeepers toes. "Gowie" Robertson was loudly cheered for beating Fitchie. Ruddiman was almost through, when he was pulled up by Richmond. McAulay got the ball however, and passed to Ritchie, who was given offside. McAulay cleverly tricked several opponents, but the Queen's backs came to the rescue. George McNicol's play was very effective, and the referee did not give satisfaction when he pull them up for a fouled. Fitchie was being very closely watched, and once, when dangerous, he was sandwiched by George McNicol and Low. A neat pass to the right by Ruddiman lead Robertson away, but the Aberdeen flier was closely attended by Richmond, and the ball went over the line. Aberdeen continued to have the best of the play, but the forwards could not Pierce the Queen's defence. Logan was the most effective of the Queen's half-backs. Queen's Park look like getting away, but the lee Brebner intercepted with a clean punt. Aberdeen had very hard lines, McNicol, McAulay, and Strang all having great tries for goal. Brebner in succession brought down McLean and Wilson when in dangerous proximity to the goal. Rough play was now becoming general, and the referee was hardly so sharp as he should have been. Played was of the true Cup-tie order - determined, but rugged. A foul was given against Ritchie for a rather nasty charge. A great shot by Fitchie from 40 yards out had all the needed power behind it, but it was high and wide. So far, both the Aberdeen A men - Robertson and Brebner - had justified the confidence placed in them. When the whistle blew at half-time, Aberdeen had just been repulsed in a very promising run. Aberdeen were undoubtedly the superior team in the first half, the open, wide passing being far more effective than the close game Queen's Park endeavoured to settle down to.

Aberdeen started the second half and promising style against a stiff breeze. From the kick-off the ball was passed back to Strang, who cutely returned ahead to Ruddiman, who in a brilliant single-handed run carried the ball past all opposition, and shot for goal with the two Queen's Park backs in close attendants. It was a splendid shot under the conditions, but it did not reach the net. Queen's, who had again the assistance of Millar, aided by the strong wind, gave the Aberdeen defence a good deal of trouble, but after the attack following on a corner kick had been repulsed the Pittodrie forwards broke away, and eleven minutes from the start Robertson beat Eadie and put the Aberdeen two goals up. The Queen's goalkeeper was responsible for the goal, as the weekly sent the ball to Robertson's foot in turning aside a shot. It was now the turn of the Queen's Park, who, getting away in grand style, put Macfarlane's charge in jeopardy, Fitchie, Logan, and Wilson all having tries. From the last half-hour the Aberdeen forwards seldom got past midfield, the whole team acting on the defensive and repelling the determined back of the Queen's Park. Fitchie, the redoubtable, was closely watched by Low, and got very little rope from the clever Aberdeen half-back. The determination of the Queen's attack was equalled, if not excelled, by the brilliance and stubbornness of the Aberdeen defence - Murray, Brebner, and Macfarlane clearing again and again. After many unsuccessful attempts to Pierce the Aberdeen defence, Queens's Park at last beat Macfarlane, who, fielding the ball in saving, had not recovered when Campbell, the Queen's Park right back, sent in a high shot, which Macfarlane failed to reach. After this the Aberdeen backs and half-backs played the time-wasting game, and the ball was very frequently out of play. Macfarlane affected some marvellous saves. Excitement was maintained at the high level until the very end of the game, as Queen's Park looked like scoring again and again. In the last five minutes play opened out a bit, and the Aberdeen forwards had several runs two wards Eadie, but there was no further scoring, and Queens Park had to leave the field unbeaten team.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 30th January 1905

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  MacFarlane, Murray, Brebner, Low, Strang, Robertson, Robertson, McNicol, Ruddiman, McAulay, Ritchie.

Unused Subs:


Queens Park Teamsheet:  W. Eadie; R. G. Campbell, A. Richmond; James Haden, J. L. Logan, Nisbet; J. McLean, T. N. Miller, D. Wilson, jun, T. T. Fitchie, P. F. Jones


Referee: Mr. A. Edwards, Cathcart

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