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match report 1904-05 fixture list
Scottish Cup Second Round 
Aberdeen 1 - 1 Bathgate ABANDONED
    Match abandoned after 65 mins due to conditions
Kick Off:    Edgar       Lynn  
Attendance: 5,000 (Visitors: 300)
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Game Stopped by Snowstorm
In the coldest of weather, with occasional blinding showers of snow, these teams took the field on Saturday at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, in their Scottish Cup tie. The first half was got through without any serious mishap, and the play was evenly distributed. The visitors pressed at the opening, and Lynn scored easily after twenty minute's play. Aberdeen then took up the running, and equalised through Edgar, and the home side had the better of the exchanges till the interval arrived. On restarting, Bathgate made a rush towards Macfarlane, and then Aberdeen, with the gale of wind behind them, continued the pressure, till, in the midst of a blinding shower of snow, a halt was made. Before leaving the field, both captains, with the referee had a consultation, and the game was abandoned, with the result unchanged - Aberdeen, one goal; Bathgate, one. The replay will be at Pittodrie on Saturday. "Gate" 106.

Source: Scotsman, 13th February 1905

Notwithstanding the severe wintry weather, a crowd of about 5000 people assembled at Pittodrie Park on Saturday to witness the game between Aberdeen and Bathgate in the second round of the Scottish cup competition, into which Aberdeen passed by defeating Queen's Park in the first round. A special train brought 300 supporters of the visiting team from Bathgate and district. It was thought by many people that the game could not go on on account of the grounded not being in a playable condition. At half-past two - three-quarters of an hour before the start of the game - the referee, Mr. McLeod, Glasgow, inspected the ground, and declared that it was playable, and that the cup-tie would go on. The Aberdeen team went on to the field during a blizzard, a squall a north-westerly wind driving the snow in dense clouds down the field two wards the sea. The teams were as follows:-
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, McNicol; Halkett, Strang, Low; Robertson, Edgar, Ruddiman, McAulay, Ritchie.
Bathgate: Stewart; Hogg, Hossack; Connan, McPhee, Grant; Marshall, Walker, Lynn, Conway, Hastie.

The Game

Aberdeen lost the toss and played against wind, snow, and sun. Bathgate made the first raid, and 2 minutes after the start Macfarlane had to handle. A foul against Bathgate for a back charge on Murray road relief. The Aberdeen players seem to have difficulty in keeping their feet. The wind kept the ball in Aberdeen Territory despite the efforts of Ritchie and Edgar to get it away. The excitement rose when Aberdeen broke away on the left through Low and Ritchie, but offside was given against McAulay, who was waiting to receive Ritchie's pass. Aberdeen were now in Bathgate territory, and Ruddiman was almost through when he was brought down. Macfarlane still looked anxious. A tricky touch by Ruddiman lead Aberdeen away, but the parting shot was high and was easily cleared by Stewart. An exciting 5 minutes followed at the other end, the Aberdeen defence being very shaky. Strang's blocking was proving very serviceable, but on one occasion he fouled in stopping an opponent. From the kick the ball went over to McNicol, who did a risky thing in allowing the leather to run over the line. Clever forward played by Bathgate allowed the Maroons plenty of field room, but McNicol and Macfarlane were all there. Play was now are being conducted in a raging blizzard, I and, of course, was rugged, as might have been expected. Ruddiman had a collision with Hogg, and went off the field with a badly injured knows. Play continued constantly in the Aberdeen Territory; but the Pittodrie defenders stood up gamely to the attack of both the Bathgate and the elements. All the play was on the south side of the field. McNicol saved up a dangerous moment, but the wind, carrying the ball, gave away a corner. A nice bit of play by Strang gave Edgar a chance of shooting, but the parting shot was wide. At this point, the game having been 20 minutes in progress, the referee, who appeared to be filling the effect of the storm badly, called a halt, and the players retired to the pavilion. The stoppage was only momentary, four, the snow now are ceasing to fall, the referee blew his whistle, and the players again took the field, after arrest of three minutes. Hossack's huge punt after the restart was splendidly returned by Murray. A likely run by McAulay and Ritchie was spoiled by the wind carrying MacAulay's pass over the touch-line. A well placed return by McNicol was nipped up by Edgar, who placed well to the left. The Bathgate goalkeeper hesitated as if going to come out, but Hogg got the ball and cleared. Slack played by the Aberdeen half-backs like Bathgate away, and with a high and comparatively easy shot Lynn landed the ball in the net, thus scoring the first goal for the Bathgate. Aberdeen, playing with 10 men, we're making a brave stand, and did not appear to be discouraged. A brilliant run by Ritchie was well backed up by McAulay, who passed back to Ritchie, who shot in Lowe and fast, but the wind took the sting out. Robertson picked up the ball, but he could not get it passed the many legs that speedily intervened. Aberdeen had hard lines, another great shot from Ritchie's foot and a second from McAulay being picked up just in time by Stewart. McAulay and Ritchie again got on the run, but Hogg baulked them. Ruddiman got a great cheered when he the appeared on the field, but just as she came on Hastie and Conway on the Bathgate left, almost got through, Murray clearing at the expense of a corner. Bathgate still pressed determinedly, and only ground work by Strang and McNicol kept them out. Bathgate were frequently penalised for foul play. A scrimmage on the Aberdeen 12 yards' line provided an exciting moment, but by dint of worming, the Aberdeen defenders got the ball away. The Aberdeen forwards then made off up the field, and the ball landed at the foot of Ritchie, who kicked to McAulay. McAulay crossed in front of goal, and Edgar with a tricky oblique shot landed the ball in the net, thus equalising the game. It was a shot of the unsaveable order, and was the result of brilliant play by the Aberdeen forwards. The success put new vigour into the Aberdeen team, and they showed some brilliant play, Low, McAulay, Ritchie, and Edgar shining again and again. The snow again commenced to fall, and the weather conditions were exceedingly disagreeable for players and spectators alike. Well led by Lynn, the Bathgate forwards sped down the field before the storm, and Walker shot in Lowe at the far off corner of the net. Macfarlane picked up and cleared smartly, with two Bathgate men pressing him. One of the Miners on being thwarted, gave Macfarlane a nasty kick on the like, for which a foul was given. A minute afterwards, with the ball in midfield, and in a perfect blizzard, the whistle blew for half time.

The Second Half

The Aberdeen supporters were now are confident that their favourites would win with the score equal, and the wind and snow at their backs. In fact, looking at the play of the two teams, it looked odds on Aberdeen piling on a big score. The Aberdeen players first turned out in response to the referee's whistle, but the Bathgate eleven seemed loth to face the storm. At the start, a big bunt by McNicol led the Aberdeen forwards down, but Hogg was lying handy, and cleared. Bathgate replied to the Aberdeen pressure by playing the safety game, Hogg kicking out of the field at every available opportunity. In doing so once he forgot to the by-line and give away a corner. Ruddiman waiting for the return, was given off side. Aberdeen were again playing 10 men, as Ritchie was absent for 10 minutes. After the interval, Aberdeen pressed continually, and the Bathgate goalkeeper saved repeatedly. The gusty wind and snow, and the time-wasting tactics of the Bathgate defenders, turned the game into something in the nature of a fiasco and it was a relief to players and spectators alike when the referee stopped the game 25 minutes from time, with the score - Aberdeen,1; Bathgate, 1. The game will be replayed at Pittodrie on Saturday. The amount drawn, including the grandstands, was a 106.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 13th February 1905

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Macfarlane; Murray, McNicol; Halkett, Strang, Low; Robertson, Edgar, Ruddiman, McAulay, Ritchie

Bathgate ABANDONED Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. McLeod, Glasgow

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