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AFC - Match Report
match report 1944-45 fixture list
North Eastern League 
Dundee United 1 - 9 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Scott 38 (pen)       Miller 12, Green 22, Waldron 30, Pattillo 41, Green 27, Waldron 73, Pattillo 87, Green 74, Green 83.  
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Tannadice Park, Dundee
ABERDEEN are making a great bid for the leadership of the North-Eastern League. Rangers now lead by only two points. A fortnight ago they were six points ahead.

With their victory over Morton at Greenock, what time rivals were damaging each other's prospects, Rangers are again champions of the Southern League. Aberdeen are now the only undefeated team in the N.E. League.
They have played four matches, two fewer than Rangers, and are thus in a strong challenging position. If they can maintain the form they have shown since the start of the present League - and they seem quite capable of doing so, provided their players keep free from injury - then it will not be long before they overtake the Light Blues.
It has to be taken into account, too, that of the four matches played, three have been from home. From these the Dons have taken eight points, one less than the maximum number. Their only home game was on New Year's Day, when they beat Dundee 5-0. They have easily the best goal average in the League.

They Were Merciful

Against Dundee United at Tannadice, they were in rampant form, and could easily have won by a much greater margin had they accepted all the scoring chances. They could not help scoring some of the goals. The ball simply asked to be put in the net on occasions. There were times, too, whan just as easy scoring opportunities occurred, but the ball was sent anywhere but into the net.
It was the briliant way in which half-backs and forwards engineered the openings that led to them winning by such a big margin. Better teams than Dundee United would have been trounced by the Dons on the form they displayed on Saturday.
From a scoring pcint of view Saturday's game was a triumph for George Green, who had four of the nine goals. Pattillo and Waldron had two each and Miller one. Green's scoring performance has been equalled in previous North-Eastern League games by other Aberdeen players, while in two matches Pattillo had five goas in each.
In League and Cup games this season, the Done have scored ninety-one goals and the value of having such a grant inside trio as Pattillo, Waldron and Green can be judged from the fact that between them these three player have seared sixty-five goals - Waldron thirty, Pattillo eighteen, and Green sixteen.

Grand Team Work

Great team work was the outstanding feature of the Dons' performance. Only during the opening quarter in the second half did the United make a show. During this period they were a desperate lot, but from the point of view of real football their effort was without method and devoid of skill. The Aberdeen defence hurled them back on every occasion. There was a fear before the start that the absence of Cooper and Dyer would have an unsettling effect on the team. It did not, for both Nicholson and McKenna were worthy substitutes. In fact, young McKennia was far and away the outstanding back on view. How enthusiasticaly he does his work. His tackling was sure, his kicking sound, and his positional play all that could be desired. Nicholson put up a really good performance considering he has been out of the game so long. He had in McKay a crafty winger, but Nicholson was seldom beaten. He tackled and kicked well.

Back-bone-of the Team

The backbone of the team is undoubtedly the half-back line, Russell, Dunlop and Taylor. A grand trio this. Russell was the best middle man on view. Dunlop, realising that Russell and Taylor had the mastery of the United's inside forwards, concentrated on Juliussen and practically blotted him out. Taylor excelled in constructive work.
Forward, Pattillo, Waldron and Green were at the top of their form. Green was the best of the three on this occasion, but Pattillo was little behind him in general ability, while Waldron, although he missed chances, was a crafty leader. Miller had his best game for the Dons at outside-right. He often left the opposing back standing, and his crosses were well placed and timed. Cruickshank, in an unaccustomed position, came through with credit. He played good football.

Source: Evening Express, 12th February 1945

Dundee United Teamsheet:  Deans; Shaw, Walls; McGeachie, Ross, Hendry; Kennedy, Scott, Juliussen, McIntyre, McKay


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Nicholson, McKenna, Russell, Dunlop, Taylor, Miller, Pattillo, Waldron, Green, Cruickshank.

Unused Subs:


Referee: W. Webb, Glasgow

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