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AFC - Match Report
match report 1944-45 fixture list
North Eastern League 
Dunfermline Athletic 1 - 4 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    T. Dougan 15       Dyer 5, Pattillo 20, Bremner 30, Bremner 35.  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: East End Park, Dunfermline
Dons Prove too Good for Dunfermline Athletic
THE Dons are now firmly established as leaders of the North Eastern League. Their 4-1 victory over Dunfermline has given them an advantage of three points over Dundee and Rangers. Aberdeen's position is stronger than it looks, for they have played one match fewer than Dundee and two fewer than Rangers.

The Dons' success at Dunfermline is all the more praiseworthy since they were without five of their regular players. No fewer than ten positional changes were made, only Johnstone in goal, occupying the same berth as the previous week's match with Raith Rovers.
Over the whole game the Dons were distinctly the better team. In the first half they had the Athletic beaten to a frazzle, scoring four goals through Pattillo and Dyer.
It is true the Dons were mostly on the defensive in the second half, but by that time the points were secure.
Johnstone in goal crowned a fine display with a brilliant penalty save in the closing minutes. No back compared with McKenna, and Higgins comported himself well in his first appearance. The half-backs were strong and constructive. Dunlop opened rather shakily, but later he settled down to his customary form. Nicholson was a tower of strength at centre-half. Cruickshank played intelligent football throughout.
The reconstructed attack was a success. Miller and were just effective and dangerous the on left as they have proved on the right. Pattillo was the outstanding forward afield. Dyer more than paid his way at centre. His goal from twenty yards range was a great one. Hutton Bremner's opening-out tactics were of great benefit, and he shot at every opportunity. Cocker was a forceful winger.

Source: Press & Journal, 26th February 1945

Dunfermline Athletic Teamsheet:  Allan; Hogg, Blyth; Baxter, kelly, Forbes; T. Dougan, W. Dougan, Gorman, Letters, Keenan


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, McKenna, Higgins, Dunlop, Nicholson, Cruickshank, Miller, Pattillo, Dyer, Bremner, Cocker.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. Calder, Edinburgh

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