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match report 1939-40 fixture list
Dewar Shield Final Replay 
Falkirk 1 - 2 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Carruthers 32       Strauss, Armstrong 33.  
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Brockville Park, Falkirk


THERE was no lack of thrills in the Falkirk-Aberdeen Dewar Shield final encounter which Aberdeen won at Brockville to-day.

The Bairns were first to score through Carruthers, but Armstrong equalised shortly before the interval. Strauss gave the Dons the lead with a fierce grounder.
Aberdeen made their first journey since the outbreak of war when they scramble away a shot by Keyes off a travelled to meet Falkirk at Brockville in the Dewar Shield final replay.
Falkirk took the field as chosen, but the Dons had Thomson out at left half in place of Taylor. There was a crowd of 5000 at the start



Falkirk went off like a rocket. Stewart, from the kick-off, gave to Miller, and the inside left made ground and parted to Keyes. The Aberdeen defence was left in a daze, and the inside right raced on to drive narrowly past. Certainly a bright opening.
The Dons advanced first on the right and then on the left. but both Smith and Ferguson failed to get the ball over accurately.
Armstrong next bobbed up on the right to have a pop, but his direction and elevation were both at fault.
Stewart had a grand try. Veering out to the left, the centre let go a grand left foot drive which Johnstone picked up smartly.
Falkirk were the sweeter moving side. and Stewart might have given them the lead from a splendid ground pass from Carruthers. The centre made a mess of his shot.
The Dons replied strongly, and Ferguson put Armstrong in possession in good position. Matt hit the ball first time, but the ball soared over.


A sustained period of pressure by the Bairns had the Aberdeen defence on the hop, but they came out on top, and at the other end McKie held a header from Smith, who had dashed in to meet a free kick from Thomson.
Falkirk were full of running, and they produced some first-rate football. Dawson came into the game with an electrical dash in from the left. He finished by smashing the ball against Johnstone.
Next Brown worked the ball down the right and crossed well for Binkerton to bring the Pittodrie 'keeper into action with a hard drive.
Bain might have given the Dons the lead after Armstrong, with clever work. had provided a chance, but the inside right put more enthusiasm than skill into the shot.
Falkirk were out of luck when the right wing got going. Dawson wormed his way through and put Stewart in possession. The centre had another go with his left foot and the ball crashed against the crossbar with Johnstone well beaten.


Armstrong and Strauss combined to force a corner but the flag-kick came to nothing. Bain had a good try after a tine solo run, and Strauss burst through down the middle to test McKie with a grand shot.
When the Dons fell in arrears in thirty-two minutes they were just a trifle unlucky. The ball came over from Dawson, and when Cooper went to tackle CARRUTHERS he slipped. The right winger had nothing to do but pick his spot in the net.
In their next attack Aberdeen drew level. Following a throw-in the ball was headed into the middle. ARMSTRONG, with his foot high in the air, hooked the ball towards the left, and it struck the post and finished in the net.
Falkirk got their heavy artillery into action, and after Johnstone had picked up an awkward grounder from Carruthers. Dawson beat Cowie and then sent the ball over the bar. Miller followed on by running through to send narrowly over.
Clever work by Aberdeen half-backs and forwards opened up the Bairns' defence. Armstrong, out on the left, sent the ball into the middle. where Strauss just failed to reach it, and Smith, instead of hitting the ball first time, let it glance off his instep and McKie saved with ease.
Just before the interval, Thomson received an eye injury in collision with Brown, and went to the pavilion for attention.



Falkirk were first off their mark and Dawson shot over. Thomson had resumed for Aberdeen with a patch plaster over his left eye.
A lively attack by the Dons almost took the home defence by surprise. A throw by Dunlop caused the trouble. Ferguson gained possession, and McKie picked up his snap shot on the post.


A Falkirk attack ended in Keyes sending past. Armstrong replied for the Dons. Out on the left, the centre crossed perfectly, but there were no takers.
Aberdeen's next attack caused some excitement. McKie failed to clear a cross from Ferguson and Smith had a try blocked. Then Armstrong had a go, but again a defender got in the way of the ball.
Miller, in the Bairns' attack, was always dangerous, and he just failed with an excellent cross.
Aberdeen's reply was full of pep. Armstrong burst through. His first shot was flocked, but he tried a second time, and McKie was lucky to be on the spot.


Then came Strauss. The South African darted through the middle to warm McKie's fingers with a terrific drive.
It was a good game. There was plenty of incident and some clever and nippy football by both sides.
In twenty minutes, the Dons took the lead thanks to another of Dunlop's mighty throws from touch. Smith beaded the ball into the middle, and STRAUSS burst through a crowd of players to find the net with a fierce grounder.
Falkirk made a determined bid to regain equality, and Johnstone did well to scramble away a shot by Keyes off a Carruthers' cross. A corner resulted and from the flag kick Shankley headed inches over.


The Bairns made a determined effort, and the Dons' goal had one or two narrow escapes.
Johnstone had one good save from a fast rising shot from Miller, and Johnstone was called on to palm another shot from Stewart for a corner. The flag-kick was cleared, and Strauss raced off on the left. His cross fell to Armstrong, but the centre hurriedly shot over. Following this a try by Smith ran past the far post with McKie out of position.

Source: Evening Express, 30th September 1939

Falkirk Teamsheet:  McKie; McPhee, Peat; Brown, Shankly, Pinkerton; Carruthers, Keyes, Stewart, Miller, Dawson


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cowie, Cooper, Dunlop, Waddell, Thomson, Smith, Bain, Armstrong, Ferguson, Strauss.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. M. Martin, Ladybank

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