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AFC - Match Report
match report 1906-07 fixture list
Fleming Charity Shield Final 
Aberdeen 0 - 1 Aberdeen A
Kick Off:          McKenzie  
Attendance: 1,900
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The last football match for the season at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, was played on Saturday afternoon, when Aberdeen met Aberdeen A met in the final round of the Fleming Charity Shield competition. There was a fair attendance, when the teams lined up as follows, under the charge of Mr. P. Gillespie, Aberdeen:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; McIntosh, Hay (Harp); W. Low, D. McLeod ('Varsity),K. Ross ('Varsity); McDonald, Murray, Toman, Edgar, Simpson.
Aberdeen A: Mutch; Bell (Harp), Brebner; Davidson, J. J. Simpson, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Ward, McKinlay, Morgan, McKenzie.

The A's opened briskly, and for a time McIntosh and Hay were kept busy. Macfarlane saved numerous likely shots, and but for the custodian's fine saves the reserves would have been a few goals up. The new men, especially the juniors, did exceedingly well, those in the "A" team giving a fine exhibition. The game was evenly contested. There was no scoring up to half-time.

The second half of the game was very uninteresting. Play ranged from end to end, and when time was called neither team had scored, and it was decided to play an extra twenty minutes - ten minutes each way. About five minutes of the first ten minutes had elapsed when Macfarlane allowed McKenzie to score with an easy shot. There was no more scoring, and the game ended in favour of Aberdeen A by one goal to nil. The gate and stands realise £54.

After the match Baillie Milne presented the shield and badges to the successful team.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 20th May 1907


The Charity Final.

Permission having been granted to play the Charity Final last Saturday, Aberdeen had to undertake to place two teams on the field. It was easy enough to get those who had signed on for next season to turn out, but with those who were hanging off for better terms, or who were not to be re-engaged, the difficulty was great to overcome. However, with the assistance of several amateurs and others, two teams were got together and an enjoy¬able game was the outcome. There was none of the do-or-die element usually associated with a cup-tie, for the players took everything in good part, and the decisions of the referee were seldom questioned. The A team had easily the best of the first half, as they were aided with a strong wind, but they had to contend with a pair of good backs and Rab Macfarlane, who kept them out from time to time, when they had broken down all other opposition. Runs and counter runs were the order of the day, and at the end of ninety minutes neither side had scored. Manager Philip ordered another seven and a half minutes each way to be played. The first period of extra time was just finish¬ing when McKenzie got Rab unawares and scored the only goal, though the League XI. very nearly equalised. Of the players, Macintosh, the new back, earned golden opinions for his play, while Hay was a strong support with a difficult wing to deal with. Young Toman has all the qualifications for a good player, but seemed a trifle nervous. On the winners' side the halves were best, while Mutch enhanced his reputation as a custodian.

Chatty Bits.

The A team were photographed on Saturday, with all their trophies - County Cup, Dewar Shield, and Fleming Charity Shield.
The A's were a proud lot, with three trophies all to themselves. "Gowie " Robertson has been a most successful pot hunter.
At the supposed presentation, "Gowie" said he was tired accepting trophies. All the same he did not like to lose them.
We are glad to learn that "Gowie" Robertson, J. J. Simpson, and Stewart Davidson have all signed for next year. They are a powerful line, and a smart lot altogether.
The gate, on Saturday, almost touched £50. It was a poor response to the call of charity, but the weather was dead against a big crowd.
We think the public are about fed up with the game for a season. They want a rest for a little, and would like to tread in pastures new.
With another class back like McIntosh, Aberdeen should be well-off for players next season, and, in our opinion, make a good start, which is half the battle.
It seems that the complaint by Aberdeen against West Ham has now reached another stage, and the Scottish Association will have it up before them again. It looks to us a complicated affair altogether.
Most of the players have left for home this week, and will not be back till the roll-call in July.
There will be a lot of new faces for the old then, and we shall miss the familiar figures of Boyle, Gault, Henry Low, Strang, Paul, Edgar, J. Robertson, McKinley, and some of the A team.
We hope our readers will not forget the Juniors at Central Park on Saturday. They are giving a treat.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd May 1907

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Macfarlane; McIntosh, Hay (Harp); W. Low, D. McLeod ('Varsity),K. Ross ('Varsity); McDonald, Murray, Toman, Edgar, Simpson

Aberdeen A Teamsheet:  Mutch; Bell (Harp), Brebner; Davidson, J. J. Simpson, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Ward, McKinlay, Morgan, McKenzie


Referee: Mr P. Gillespie, Aberdeen

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