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match report 1886-87 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 0 Montrose
Kick Off:    McHardy, Goal from scrimmage        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
The Montrose paid a visit to the Granite City to play off the first of their fixtures this season with the Aberdeen. The visitors have, during the past few weeks, been making a good reputation for themselves in Forfarshire. They had, practically, their best team in the field, while three of the usual first eleven of the home club were unable to play. Those in their places, however, wrought hard and successfully, the game resulting in favour of the home players by two goals to none. Owing to the heavy mist the grass was wet and slippery. This made the ball heavy and rendered accurate kicking a matter of some difficulty. There was a fair turnout of spectators. The Aberdeen captain won the toss, and chose to defend the west goal. The Montrose kick-off was well returned, and the home forwards at once carried the ball eastwards. The attack was at first repulsed, but McHardy, by a capital long shot, lowered the visitors colours within a couple of minutes from the start. At this unexpected reverse, the visitors played up hard ad gave the home backs plenty to do, but aided by some clever play by Wood, they proved equal to the occasion, by a grand kick, put the ball out of danger. After some give-and-take play the home forwards again attacked, and out of a slight scrimmage increased their lead by another point. Both ends were visited, but at length a capital passing run between Younie and Ketchen ended in the latter putting in a hot one, which the goalkeeper sent out a little way, only to have it returned through the goal. Off-side was claimed, and, to the general astonishment, allowed. Each side had several corners after this, but nothing definite resulted from any of them, and half-time was called, the score standing: Aberdeen, two goals: Montrose, 0.
On resuming, Montrose pressed their opponents for some time, but could not find an opening, and Stewart, with a couple of speedy runs up the right, brought relief. Clever work on the Montrose left brought them within shooting distance, but Wood saved very smartly. The visitors were then forced back, but soon returned, only to be repulsed by a huge kick by the home captain. Immediately after Ketchen broke away grandly up the centre and forced the opposing backs to concede a corner. Though well placed, a grand chance was lost, as the ball rolled harmlessly past an open goal. From this until time was called play was mostly in midfield, and a hard, fast match ended as above stated. For the visitors,Clark at back, Keillor and Donald at half, and A. Keillor forward, were most prominent; while for the home team Lothian at back kicked magnificently. McHardy did capital work at half, and Stewart, Ketchen, and Younie played well in front.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 11th October 1886

Last Saturday the Aberdeen team were favoured with a visit from the Montrose Club. The Montrose has rapidly risen to the front among the North of Tay clubs, and, with good shew of reason, ranks itself on par with such clubs as the Arbroath, &c. They expected little serious opposition from the Aberdeen, and their defeat by two goals to nothing was rather a surprise, and evidently not a very pleasant one either. The Aberdeen really scored three goals, the third being disallowed for no reason whatever, and a fourth should certainly have been scored off a ball well centred by Stewart, but the inside left was found wanting. Altogether the match was a most pleasant one, both to players and spectators, and will do a bit to help on the game. The Montrose played the better combination game, but individually they were rather outclassed.

In prior matches this season the Aberdeen have shewed little form, but on Saturday there was a marked improvement in the back play. D. Wood at goal played his best, and we know how good that is. A. V. Lothian is a rare good back, and on Saturday he played as only he can play. Though not so finished a player, C. E. Glennie is a worthy partner to Lothian. He works like a *****. Coming up to the "halves" a special word is due to John McHardy. I don't think he has ever played better. The other halves are not of very much account. G. P. Anderson did one or two decent enough things, and should look up a bit with experience, but J. Preston has only his willingness to redeem him. I think the forward part of their team was a decided failure, not having the slightest attempt at combination. Their centre, Tom Ketchen, played a good game. J. D. Yunnie the outside left played fairly well, and W. Stewart on the right "puddled away" with occasional success, but the two inside men. W. J. T. Munro and J. Monro must play a lot better to lie even presentable.

Source: Northern Figaro, 16th October 1886

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