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match report 1886-87 fixture list
Orion 3 - 0 Gladstone
Kick Off:    MacKay, Morgan, o.g.        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Grounds, Inches, Aberdeen
This fixture came off on Saturday afternoon on the Recreation Grounds, Inches, and from beginning to end the match was a hard and exciting one. The game was divided into two periods of three-quarters of an hour each, and the Gladstone kicked against the wind the first half. For about half an hour the play was very even, but after this it was confined to the Gladstone's goal. At thirty-five minutes MacKay scored for the Orion, sending in a splendid shot from the right wing, and shortly after Morgan put through the second. At half-time the game stood thus: Orion two goals, Gladstone nothing. Shortly after ends were changed the Orion forwards passed the ball one to another for about two-thirds of the field, after which Mitchell (left wing) shot in the direction of the goal, and one of the Gladstone backs put the ball through. The Gladstone forwards also had some fine passing up the field, but they were always tackled by the backs of the Orion. No more scoring took place, so that the game ended thus: Orion three goals, Gladstone nil.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th October 1886

On Saturday the Orion and Gladstone met for a friendly game on the Recreation Grounds. Though the weather was dull there was a considerable turnout of spectators, but play did not begin till fully fifteen minutes after the stated time. The Orion kicked off with a slight breeze in their favour and speedily transferred the ball to their opponents goal, where several "corners" proved ineffectual.
For the Gladstone, Peter Simpson succeeded several times in bringing the ball marvellously near goal, but there was little following up on the part of his supporters and nothing was gained. Indeed the weak point in the Gladstone seemed to lie in their "backs," and in very unequal mating of some of their men. Almost the entire play was in the vicinage of the Gladstone goal, and though the successive "corners" and "fouls" proved nugatory, this was mainly owing to the vigilance of the Gladstone goal-keeper, Roche, and the almost remarkable and long sustained defence of this team. Captain Mackay, who was most precise in his play, succeeded in sending home the ball just beyond the reach of Roche, and again Morgan passed it through. This was all the scoring during the first half.

On a change of sides it was manifest to the most sceptical that the Orion were the better men, passing and kicking with the utmost precision, so that ere long the ball was once more sent through the sticks, but off a Gladstone man. Darkness supervened, and it was evident from their rather desultory play at times that the Gladstone would not object to a speedy termination. The game throughout was indeed the best this season. The interest was sustained throughout, and the excitement of the players though subdued was all the more intense. That entire absence of noisy demonstration, which I have before noticed, is to be highly commended. Result:3 goals for the Orion.

Source: Northern Figaro, 23rd October 1886

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