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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
St Laurence 0 - 6 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:          Ketchen 3, Stewart, Younie, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Episcopal Manse Glebe, Laurencekirk
These teams met for the first time this season on Saturday on the glebe of the Episcopal Manse, the ground of the former. The visitors won the toss, and the home team kicked off with the sun and hill against them. At first the home team forced the pace, and gave the opposing back division plenty of work, buts in some measure owing to defective shooting, they made no impression. A speedy run by the visitors' forwards ended in a scrimmage at the goal mouth, out of which Ketchen smartly heeled the ball through. The visitors failed during the first half to further utilise their advantages, and at half time led only by a single point. With the ground in their favour the home team expected to win easily, but the visitors roused up, and a pretty close passing run on their left forced a corner, This was well placed, and Ketchen again did the needful. This success spurred on the Aberdeen men, and soon Ketchen scored for the third time by a fast shot, which hit the post in going through. The home forwards had a run down, and McKay tried a long one, which went over the bar. A visit to the other end followed, and from a shot which hit the crossbar and rebounded into play, Stewart breasted the ball through. Shortly after Donald had the down goal at his mercy but, waiting too long, Glennie relieved him of his charge. The home forwards came again, but tackling well, Lothian relieved and gave his forwards possession of the ball, when Younie, by a fast low shot from the left, brought down the fortress for the fifth time. Main next had a run down on the Laurencekirk right, but spoiled the effort by sending the ball over. The visitors played up hard and had several tries for goal, one capital shot hitting the inside of the post and rebounding into play. An opening, however, was found at last, and time was called shortly afterwards, the score standing: Aberdeen, 6 goals; St Laurence, 0. Aberdeen played ten men throughout and the consequent changes told very unfavourably on their combination, especially during the first half.

Umpires: Mr Mitchell; Mr Kean

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th October 1886

The Aberdeen visited Laurencekirk on Saturday playing the St. Laurence on their ground. The result of the play was an easy win for the visitors by six goals, the home team failing to score.

Source: Northern Figaro, 30th October 1886

St Laurence Teamsheet:  J. Stewart; J. Watt, A,. Roger; D. Christie, T. Jamieson, W. Burnett; T. Fawns, J. Main, J. McDonald (c), E. F. McKay, A Donald


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  R. Hyslop; C. E> Glennie, A. V. Lothian; J. A. McHardy, J. Smith; W. Stewart, C. Haslewoon, T. Ketchen, G. P. Anderson, A McD Younie


Referee: Dr. Bennett

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