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match report 1886-87 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 1 Gladstone
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
The Aberdeen v Gladstone match came to a somewhat abrupt conclusion owing to a dispute about a goal obtained by the Aberdeen team, which ended in the Gladstone men leaving the field. This policy on the part of the Gladstone cannot be too severely condemned, and can only bring the club into disrepute. Their captain did his level best to persuade his men to play out the game, and no blame attaches to him. The match, so far as it went, proved a much closer affair than the Aberdonians anticipated, and at half time the score was one goal each. The second goal was scored from a regular Rugby maul about fifteen minutes after the start of the second period. The play of the winners was by no means of a high order, the kicking and passing being most inaccurate and ill-times. The Gladstone is a very promising team, and are a much heavier lot than most of our juniors. As yet the finer points of the game are unknown to them, but their form showed plenty promise of improvement.

Source: Bon-Accord, 20th November 1886

The Aberdeen had the Gladstone on at Holburn. Everything went swimmingly during the first half, both sides scoring a goal, the Aberdeen men having, however, almost all the playing. Hardly had a start been made in the second half before the Aberdeen were down on the opposite goal and the ball mauled through. There and then it struck the Gladstone that they were being cheated by the "Opposition, " and a pleasant little debate ensued, in which the Gladstone demonstrated that they were quite as strong in arguments as their god-father (W. E. G.), but when our locals commenced to swear the t'other chap wasn't in it. The debate had not been long continued when a Gladstone man moved an adjournment, which was sustained, the Aberdeen men declining to vote. At this stage our Reporter left to overtake his dinner hour, 3 o'clock.

What play there was in the above little game was very very poor. One or two of the Gladstone men played fairly well, but it was the Aberdeen men, considering their experience, that were the greatest defaulters. Their backs got little or nothing to do, and what they did I have no fault to find with. Forward, instead of "working like one man," only one man worked at the time, and numerous chances of scoring were thrown away. Their greatest weakness was in their right wing. Certainly they had the major part of the work to do, but that is no excuse for their many misses. I have never seen Stewart so slow and inaccurate, while his partner, Cunningham, was evidently dead out of form. T. Ketchen, in the centre, might try to play a little more unselfishly, and a little less to the gallery. I couldn't say I fancied the inside left man (C. Hazlewood) much, but he might improve. "Dodger," on the left, is a demon when he likes. On Saturday he got little to do, but he might have done his little, better. Altogether their forwards, as they played on Saturday, are mere novices, and until they play better to each other, and adopt more of the short passing, they will never aid much to the reputation of any club. The halfs will also require to improve themselves greatly.

Source: Northern Figaro, 20th November 1886

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