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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
The Aberdeen 6 - 0 Rangers, Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Ketchen, 5 unknown        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
These teams played their return match at Holburn on Saturday. Several players on both sides did not turn up in time, and so play was confined to two periods of half an hour each. The Rangers captain won the toss, and chose to defend the east goal. For a few minutes play was pretty even, but the home team playing up hard scored their first goal in about seven minutes from the start. Keeping up the pressure, they soon gained a second. The visitors rousing up gave the home backs some trouble, but they only gained a few corner kicks. The home players retaliated, and scored a third point, and shortly before half-time was called, Ketchen by an overhead kick scored a splendid goal. Immediately after a capital shot from the Rangers left was grandly fisted out by Wood. On change of ends the visitors were completely hemmed in, and the whole game consisted of a series of attacks on their goal, varied by occasional runs, which the Aberdeen back division always cut short. During the whole of the second half the ball was never over the Aberdeen lines; darkness, however, set in so rapidly that accurate shooting was impossible, and the home team only succeeded in adding a couple of goals, one of which was disputed but allowed. The game thus ended I favour of Aberdeen by 6 goals to 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 13th December 1886

Those Rangers who fancied themselves against the Aberdeen, must have had their eyes opened on Saturday. The state of the game - 6 goals to nil - just about shows the difference between the two teams. Despite the bad ground the play was at times very interesting. The Aberdeen forwards played a very fair game indeed. Cunningham plays the best game of the lot Lothian was good, as he always is. It is a pity for Wood's sake that he gets, so little to do, as he is bound to suffer from want of practice.

Source: Bon-Accord, 18th December 1886

The Aberdeen had the Rangers up at Holburn on Saturday and had the satisfaction of beating them by 6 goals to nothing. The Rangers, I think, would have been more heavily beat had full time been played, but owing to a late start and an early darkness, play extended only to two thirties. The Aberdeen men. I understand, with one or two exceptions, did fairly well. This is the biggest score they have this season put on against any city club, and is on the face of it creditable to them. The Orion had the Rovers, but no definite result was worked out, each team scoring a goal.

Source: Northern Figaro, 18th December 1886

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; R. Hyslop, A. V. Lothian; H. T. Hinton, G. P. Anderson, C. E. Glennie; W. Stewart, J. Cunningham, T. Ketchen, C. Haslewood, A. Clark


Rangers, Aberdeen Teamsheet:  A. McPherson; F. Aitcheson, A. Geater; J. Fairweather, A. Kelly, F. Ross; G. Anderson (c), J. Downie, A. Smith, Fairweather, Sutherland



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