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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
The Aberdeen 5 - 1 Orion
Kick Off:    Cunningham, Ketchen 2, ?, ?       Christie  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
This match, which had been looked forward to with considerable interest as both clubs had beaten local records, came off at Holburn on Saturday. The ground was very hard, and in one or two places there were pretty large patches of ice, but notwithstanding these drawbacks a hard and fast game was played. The Aberdeen captain won the toss, and played from the west end during the first half. For the first ten minutes the home team played a man short, and the visitors had several good runs up, but always put the ball past. The home forwards next invaded, but could not score, play being on the whole pretty equal. After some fifteen minutes' play the Aberdeen scored, but the goal was disallowed owing to a previous foul. In a few minutes, however, Cunningham, after a grand run up the right, beat Gibson by a long high shot. Immediately the same player and Ketchen between them put on a second point. The Orion forwards, headed by Mitchell, broke away up the field, but sent the ball past; the Aberdeen forwards returned the compliment, and Ketchen scored a third point. Half-time was now called, the score standing: Aberdeen, 3 goals; Orion, 0.
For some time after the second half began the Orion forwards kept the ball in their opponents' territory, but could not score, both the home backs tackling and kicking well. The home forwards roused up and carried the leather west, but nothing was gained. The Orion again invaded, and from a scrimmage, Christie scored for them. From this till the end the Aberdeen held the upper hand, and scored another couple of goals, whilst a very easy chance was lost. Time was then called with the following result: Aberdeen, 5 goals; Orion, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th January 1887

The match Orion v. Aberdeen was, as anticipated, a good one, notwithstanding the adverse nature of the ground. The first ten minutes was just about as good as they make even up here, and was anybody's game until Cunningham sent in a high shot which bet the Orion goal keep. After this things fell away a bit, and the "old 'uns" scored other two goals. Crossing over with a score of 3 to 0, it looked long odds on the Aberdeen, and this, combined with a hereditary laziness on the part of the Aberdeen, gave the Orion a look in, and for a good part of the half the Aberdeen got rather more play than they bargained for. The Orion forward play was a treat compared to the Aberdeen, the passing being very neat and effective, their greatest weakness being in front of goal. From a combined rush of the forwards they managed to elude Wood, and scored their first and only goal. This reverse wakened up the Aberdeen a bit, and they kept the Orion well in hand till the call of time, increasing their score by two goals. Aberdeen, 5 goals; Orion, 1 goal.

Coming to the individual names of the team, I will first sum up the Orion. Their goal-keeper, Gibson, I don't at all like, he is slow, uncertain and injudicious. One of the goals he let past was an open present to the Aberdeen. Of their two backs, Fettis is certainly the better man, but I have seen him kick a lot better than he did on Saturday. His partner Davidson is a fair player. Their half-backs are the weakest part of the team, none of the three being worth much on their Saturday's form. The centre Gordon might pass, were he to study the legitimate more, and think less of shady tricks. Far and away the strongest part of the Orion team are their forwards. The wing men played to each other capitally, some of their runs being well executed. C. Christie seems rather out of it in the centre. He did much better as a back. I have rather overdone my space and must just touch lightly on the Aberdeen. D. Wood and A. V. Lothian were at their usual, which usual you know. W. A. Key, the old Grammar boy, partnered Lothian at back. He is a grand kick but his general play is uncertain and unreliable, and wants a lot of brushing up. C. E. Glennie was the best of the three halfs. Both J. A. McHardy and G. P. Anderson were out of it, not doing anything like their usual. Individually, the forwards worked well, notably Ketchen and Cunningham, but collectively they were frauds. Every one of the five are so well versed in the science of passing (if they don't lie) that it is quite unnecessary to tender humbly any advice, so for want of anything better I will simply repeat " frauds."

Source: Northern Figaro, 22nd January 1887

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; W. A. Key, A. V. Lothian; J.A. McHardy, G.P. Anderson, C. E. Glennie; W. Stewart, J. Cunningham, T. Ketchen, R. Hyslop, A. Clark


Orion Teamsheet:  J. P. Gibson; R. Davidson, G. Fettes; Jas. Dunn, J. Gordon, W. Anderson; W. Fyfe, J. Mackay (c), C. Christie, James Dunn, A. Mitchell



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