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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
The Aberdeen 4 - 1 Caledonian, Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Ketchen, Clark, Munro, Ketchen       Bannochie  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
These clubs met for the first time at Holburn on Saturday afternoon. The ground was very slippery owing to the recent rain. The Caledonian captain won the toss, and chose to defend the east goal during the first half. The Aberdeen kicked off, and had the best of it; Brown saving well on several occasions, Ketchen, however, beat him. The Caledonian invaded, but were never very dangerous, Wood having plenty of time to save. Clark, on the left, got possession, and had a splendid run, winding up with a capital screw kick, which Brown failed to stop. Half time was called with the score: Aberdeen, two goals; Caledonian, none.
The second half was, to a great extent, a repetition of the first, the senior club having the best of it. But the Caledonian were the first to score; J. Bannochie, by a high shot, gaining their only point. The game then became much faster, and Munro added a third goal for Aberdeen. Ketchen gained possession after the kick off, dribbled grandly up the centre,, and notched a fourth point for Aberdeen. This was all the scoring. Result: Aberdeen, four goals; Caledonian, one. Brown, at goal, and Clark and Melville I the back division, were best for Caledonians; while Lothian played a grand game at back for the Aberdeen.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 14th February 1887

The Aberdeen v. Caledonian match was a fairly interesting affair ? at all events it formed a pleasing contrast for spectators after the dreary exhibition on the north side of the ground. The Caledonian are to be complimented on the excellent appearance they made against their formidable (?) opponents, the result 4 to 1 is not a true index of the game. Up till near the close, when the Aberdeen scored their two last goals in rapid succession, the "Caley" had a very fair share of the play - their forwards were distinctly good, considering the little experience they have had ? the halves and backs are the weak spots in the team, though W. G. Bannochie (half), and Clark (back), did fairly well. Brown proved himself an excellent goal-keeper, and saved his side from a much heavier defeat. He used his hands with considerable effect, but there is much room for improvement in his kicking. Wood did his little well for Aberdeen. Lothian was, as usual, in good form, but Vass, the other back, was not a success. He seemed to lose his head when pressed. To my mind Preston was the best half and fairly earned his place in the team. Glennie and McHardy played all over the place and were seldom to be found in their own particular spot. Clark and Ketchen were the best of the forwards - the former putting in some fine centres, and the latter playing far more to his wings than he usually does.

Source: Northern Figaro, 19th February 1897

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; J. F. Vass, A. V. Lothian; J. A. McHardy, C. E. Glennie, J. S. Preston; J. Cunningham, H. T. Hinton, T. Ketchen, W. J. Munro, A. Clark


Caledonian, Aberdeen Teamsheet:  A. Brown; A. Craig, J. Clark; J. N. Melville, C. Mackenzie, W. G. Bannochie; W. Ross, J. Bannochie, G. H. Anderson, J. Bonar, B. Brown



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