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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
The Aberdeen 4 - 1 Laurencekirk
Kick Off:    ?, Cunningham, ?, Kethchen        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
These teams met on Saturday on the Holburn Ground in splendid weather, though a powerful sun interfered somewhat with the sight of those playing against it. There was a light breeze, but not enough to materially affect the play. The visitors kicked off against the sun, and Wood, the Aberdeen keeper, had to save at once. Aberdeen then ran up the ball, and Cunningham centreing it nicely, it was rushed through. A second goal was gained shortly after by Cunningham who ran the ball up the field, and put it through with a capital shot. After a little give-and-take play, a foul was given against the visitors and another goal, was obtained by Aberdeen. Twenty minutes from the start the game was four goals to nil, Cunningham having centred, and Ketchen putting the ball through goalkeeper and ball. Laurencekirk then made a determined effort, and brought the ball up the field, and after a severe struggle, Wood defending well, a goal was obtained by the visitors. Just before half-time the visitors pressed the Aberdeen very hard and a goal seemed imminent, when one of the backs fouled the ball, and it was claimed by the other side though the ball was immediately afterwards put through. The foul having been claimed the goal was not allowed, and in the scrimmage the home team managed to get the leather away. Half-time was then called, the score being: Aberdeen 4 goals, Laurencekirk 1.
Ends having been changed play was for a time in the Aberdeen quarters, but the home team transferred it to the other and made a good attempt to score, which was frustrated only by the capital defence of the visitors. The game up to the finish was of an interesting and lively description, the home team having hard lines several times. The ball was put through the Laurencekirk posts twice, but was each time disputed, and disallowed. Ultimately the game concluded leaving the Aberdeen team victorious by four goals to one.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 7th March 1887

The Aberdeen played the Laurencekirk on Saturday, winning by 4 goals to one. The match was a very poor one, marred by numerous little rows. As is usual in all such cases the one team blame the other, and as I myself was unable to be present I cannot give any information of how things went.

Source: Northern Figaro, 12th March 1887

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