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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
Orion 2 - 4 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Dunn, 1 from scrimmage       Munro, Glennie, Cunningham, Clark  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Grounds, Inches, Aberdeen
These clubs met at the Recreation Grounds on Saturday, in fine weather, and with only a slight wind blowing. There was a fair attendance of spectators. Aberdeen won the toss and decided to defend the west goal with wind and sun in their favour. The Orion kicked off, and Munro immediately returned the ball to Orion territory. After some rather one-sided play in favour of Aberdeen, Cunningham, who was playing particularly well, centred the leather beautifully, and Munro put it through. The Aberdeen shortly afterwards had hard lines, the ball being put through by Ketchen, but it was fouled by one of the Orion men and the point disallowed. Out of a scrimmage, however, in front of the Orion goal, Glennie scored a second goal for the Aberdeen with a neat kick. The Orion then made a rush, and McKay having worked the ball down to the Aberdeen end, Fyfe centred it, and the goal was obtained by Dunn. After interesting play, in which both sides bore an equal part, Clark centred the ball, and Cunningham put it through, making the third goal for Aberdeen. A few minutes later Cunningham centred nicely, and Clark put the ball through, but the ball was disallowed for off-side. The Orion played up better towards the end of the half, but were unable to score, and when the whistle blew the score stood: Aberdeen, three goals; Orion, one.
On a change of ends being effected, Aberdeen commenced operations in a determined manner, and Clark had little difficulty in scoring. The Orion then pressed their opponents, and almost scored, but thegoal was well defended by Wood. Nothing more was scored in the second half up to within ten minutes of time, but both teams played with great energy, and several times had hard lines. Key did some very clean and defensive kicking, and Glennie also worked hard. At length the Orion got the ball through from a scrimmage in front of the goal, making the score: Aberdeen, Four goals; Orion, Two goals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 14th March 1887

The Aberdeen and Orion clubs met on Saturday last to play their third and last game for the season. The weather was all that could be desired, while the ground was in splendid condition.

The Aberdeen won the toss, and playing with the wind pressed during most of the first-half. They scored four times, two points being dis-allowed, while the Orion got one point. The second part of the game was more even and ended with the score 4 to 2 in favour of the senior club.

Gordon was the pick of the Orion. Why he was not selected for the "clubs" is a nut which my football friends may crack. The play of the other backs was passable. In the front Mitchell and Fyfe on their wings did some neat things. The latter has a good command of the ball and should turn out a first-class forward. Charlie in the centre again found his namesake too much for him.

On the Aberdeen side the forward play was very loose and in front of goal most wretched. Cunningham and Hazlewood worked fairly well together particularly in the first half. Clark individually was the best of them. If advice is of any use I should recommend them when they come within shooting distance of the goal not to fool around with the ball, but let drive. Had this been done on Saturday their score would have been considerably increased. Glennie as usual, at half played a vigorous game and scored a very neat goal. Hinton was not up to his "clubs" form. The left half should be strongly advised to take a rest. The Captain himself has been seen better. He was just a little too anxious to be in front. Key played a brilliant game his defence being particularly fine. Wood at goal fisted out well and could not have saved any of the goals. The game was played in a very friendly spirit and was free from the wrangling so marked at the matches in this district

Source: Northern Figaro, 26th March 1887

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