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match report 1887-88 fixture list
Orion 5 - 1 Granite City
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Gordon, Christie, Fife, ?, Christie       ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The above fixture came off on Saturday afternoon at Kittybrewster, in very gusty weather. Winning the toss, the Orion took the north end and Morrison kicked off. Within a minute the ground club had scored, Gordon shooting the ball. After some neutral play the Orion bore down again on the City ground, and Christie scored the second goal. The game for some time was very one-sided, the ball hardly ever leaving the Granite City's territory. Gordon, one of the Orion half-backs, was playing a fine judicious game. At 3:40 the third goal for the Orion was put on, Fife shooting. Still more one-sided play, when, owing to very bad defence on the part of the City goalkeeper, a fourth point was secured. The rest of the first half of play requires no description, and when the whistle sounded the game was: Orion 4 points; Granite City nothing.
In the second half, chiefly owing to the very strong wind which was blowing from the north the Granite City, who occupied that end made a far better show. The ball was often in dangerous proximity to the ground team's posts, but very good defence succeeded in saving, until, about twenty minutes from the close, Diak failed to stop, and the City scored their first and only point. This nettled the other side, causing them to play in more determined fashion, and, in spite of the very strong breeze, they bore up to their opponents' posts, and in a scrimmage Christie headed the ball between just before call of time. The game resulted: Orion, 5 goals; Granite City. 1 goal.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th September 1887

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