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AFC - Match Report
match report 1887-88 fixture list
Orion 5 - 0 Black Diamond
Kick Off:  3:20 PM   ?, Mitchell, Morrison, Fyfe, Christie        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The Orion Ground at Kittybrewster was on Saturday the scene of a match between that club and the Black Diamonds. The weather was charming, and there was a large turnout of spectators. Play commenced at 3:20. Winning the toss the Orion chose to face the sun and kick off. Within a minute three very good shots had been made at the Diamond's goal, but they proved unsuccessful. The play was confined exclusively to the Diamond's ground, but no scoring was done. Paterson, their goalkeeper, was, however kept very busy. By dint of their superior weight the "Blacks" bore down their opponents until once or twice they were dangerously near the Orion goal. They were a little too slow in their movements, however, to improve these opportunities. After about twenty minute's play, a long head shot got past Paterson - who was defending well - and Orion scored. Some excitement was caused soon after by three shots being made at the Diamonds' goal in three successive kicks, each one striking the cross-bar, however. Another try by Mitchell immediately afterwards succeeded n putting on Orion?s second point. At 3:40 a fine rush from the centre of the field ended in Morrison shooting the third goal for Orion. The Black Diamonds, "riled" at the constant scoring of their opponents, made great efforts to score, but did not manage. At half time the score stood Orion, 3 goals; Black Diamonds nil. During the second half the latter club played a better game, but in spite of every endeavour their opponents prevented them from scoring, while they added two other goals to their own total. The first was a nice shot in by Fyfe, who had the ball brought down the field to him by Morrison, and the second got past in the middle of a scrimmage, by a quick piece of play on the part of Christie. After that the game got uninteresting, and at call of time the score read: Orion, 5 goals; Black Diamonds, nil.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 26th September 1887

The Orion were five goals too good for the dark uns. The latter have plenty of weight and play a vigorous if not a very scientific game. The Ambulance Corps as far as I have heard was not required to officiate. The Orion are doing well this season being as yet locally undefeated. Of course the practice game with the Aberdeen does not count. The first match between them does not take place till November. Could a fixture not be arranged before that? It would draw I think. The Holburn men had a mixed-up practice on Saturday. They have got a few additions to their membership, and, judging by their play, a few of them will prove decided acquisitions. Morley, Brown, Hadden, Skene, and Thompson are likely to show well. The Aberdeen play their first match on Holburn against the Grammar School on Saturday first. The School will be fairly strong - Lothian who has always assisted them, has given up football, and that will be a loss. However a good game may be expected, as the "boys" have an idea of the passing game which does them great credit.

Source: Northern League, 1st October 1887

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