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AFC - Match Report
match report 1887-88 fixture list
Orion 1 - 4 Arbroath Nomads
Kick Off:  2:45 PM   Morrison       ?, McWattie, Diak (o.g.), From Scrimmage  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
This foreign fixture of the Central Park boys came off on Saturday afternoon in cold but dry weather. Very few spectators witnessed the commencement, but as the match wore on the gate increased in size till there was a fairly large number of people present. Play commenced at 2:45. The colours were maroon for the strangers and amber for the home club. Losing the toss the Orion took the north end, and Smith kicked off for the Nomads. Several little bits of play on the strangers' part had only the effect of sending the ball behind the Orion goal posts, where shortly after a foul was granted, from which, had it not been for Diak, a point would have been scored by the Maroons. Play was continually taking place in the home team's ground, Fettis and Jarvis being kept very busy. Two or three very good shots were made, how¬ever, which very nearly went between. A determined rush on the Orion's, part brought the ball right up to the strangers' goal, but though they got two corners in close succession, they failed to do anything. Next minute the ball was flying down the field and catching an easy chance the visitors put on their first goal at 2:55. A fine piece of dribbling was next witnessed by Mitchell, Dunn and Christie which once more made the Nomads? goalkeeper look anxious, but no scoring was done. Play was again principally confined to the Orion quarters, the Aberdeen men seemingly being unable to keep any advantage when they got it. After half-an-hour's play the visitors got their second point, McWattie scoring. After a little more neutral play, in which Gordon cleverly saved for the Orion, the half-time whistle sounded, the game standing: Nomads, 2 goals; Orion nil.
Changing sides Morrison set the ball rolling, and for a little the Orion had the best of it. A rush of the visitors, however, ended in their third goal being scored through Diak slipping. This was followed by good play from the Amber boys, a corner falling to them, which almost had the result of a point. At 3:30 a rush ended in Christie and Morrison putting the ball between by sheer hard play. This first goal for Aberdeen was rewarded by very liberal applause. The home team were, showing much better form than at first, the ball being principally confined to the Orion territory. Nicol (goal) and Christie and Connell, however, played too good a defensive game which prevented any scoring. The fourth goal for the Maroons was got out of a scrimmage, and was at first disputed, but afterwards allowed. Nicoll was Shortly after called upon to save, which he did very cleverly, and the game was, kept for some time in the visitors' ground. From this till the end of the game the play was neutral. When the whistle sounded at four o'clock the game ended: Nomads, 4 goals; Orion, 1 goal.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 3rd October 1887

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