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match report 1887-88 fixture list
Orion 3 - 3 Our Boys, Aberdeen
Kick Off:  3:30 PM          
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
In sunny but very cold weather, this fixture was played on Saturday at the Orion's ground, Central Park, Kittybrewster. Losing the toss, the ground team had to face the sun, and Morrison kicked off at 3:30. A very short time after starting, the Orion secured a corner (which proved fruitless), and were twice within an ace of scoring. Play was then changed to the Orion's end, the "Boys" securing two corners, Clark ultimately scoring a goal from a scrimmage off a foul. The ball was kept in play in midfield for the next ten minutes, when Our Boys carried it to the Orion end, but out of a scrimmage, failed to score. Being then carried to the "Boys'" end, Fyfe sent in a shot which just went round the post. Another hot shot was sent in to the "Boys" goal, but was capitally saved by the goal-keeper. Again the ball was taken to the visitors' end, and, off a throw in, the Orion very nearly equalised. The leather was then carried to the Orion end, and out of a corner the "Boys" efforts to score were defeated. Play then shifted to the visitors end and some hot play was indulged in. By this time a considerable number of spectators were in the field, who manifested great interest in the closeness of the game. Towards the latter end of the first-half the "Boys" had somewhat the worst of it, several corners falling to the ground team. A good shot by Dunn struck the post, and another by Fyfe was almost as close. After some more fast play the half-time whistle sounded, the game standing: Our Boys, 1 goal; Orion, nil. The second half of the game was productive of very fast play, in which both sides made strenuous efforts to outdo the other. At the call of time, amid great excitement, the result was found to be Orion, 3 goals; Our Boys, 3 goals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 31st October 1887

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