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match report 1887-88 fixture list
The Aberdeen 5 - 0 Granite City
Kick Off:    From a rush, Clark, Ketchen, Clark 2        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
This fixture was played at Holburn Grounds. Winning the toss, the Granite City chose the west end, and Aberdeen kicked off against the wind. During the first period of the game the ground team at times pressed their opponents hard, but owing to the disadvantage they were labouring under in playing against the wind failed to score. On changing ends the ball from the kick-off was rushed through the "City's" goal, and a fine shot by Clark, almost immediately afterwards, put on the second point for Aberdeen. After some fine give and take play, another run down the field ended in Ketchen shooting number three. The Granite City exhibited some good defensive tactics, but were out played. Before time was called, other two goals had been registered to the credit of Aberdeen, Clark doing the needful. The match ended in favour of the ground club by five goals to nothing. Clark and Ketchen (forward) and Glennie (half-back), did excellent work for the winners.

Source: Aberdeen Journal,28th November 1887

The Aberdeen played the Granite City on Saturday at Holburn and beat them by 5 goals to 0. Ketchen again resumed his former place as centre forward, but did not shine on this particular occasion, although his play was good throughout the game. Clark did the lion's share of the work on the left wing and got the ball through the City's goal 3 times The right wing was entrusted to Lumsden and Proctor, but these two made a very poor display. The back division were equal to all calls made upon them, Glennie especially playing a very good game. The Granite City were overmatched but played a very good defensive game, their right back and goal keeper specially deserving mention.

Source: Northern Figaro, 3rd December 1887

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