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AFC - Match Report
match report 1887-88 fixture list
The Aberdeen 3 - 12 Dumbarton
Kick Off:    Opponent o.g., Lumsden, Clark       Bell, Aiken, ?, Barr, From scrimmage, Low, Bell, ?, ?, Dewar, Low, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
Dumbarton team visited Aberdeen yesterday, and played a match, under Association rules, with a strong combination representing the Aberdeen club. The ground was very soft, and a strong gusty wind blew across the field, making good play extremely difficult. The strangers had two international players in their number, Leitch Kerr and Ralph Aiken, and it has to be remarked of the team that they are ex-cup holders. As reported already, they played recently a close game with Renton, being beaten by a single goal.
Play commenced shortly after two o'clock, Dumbarton won the toss and chose to play with the wind in their favour. Ketchen kicked off, but Dumbarton soon collared the ball and ran it down the field. The Aberdeen backs, however, managed to clear their lines. Operations were immediately thereafter transferred to the centre of the field, G. Emslie here showing good form. The Aberdeen forwards shortly afterwards had a look in but the ball unfortunately shot wide. Assuming the defensive Aberdeen managed to keep their opponents at a distance, the passing, however, of Dumbarton being remarkably good, Wood, the Aberdeen goalkeeper, saving some capital shots. A corner fell to Dumbarton, but proved resultless. At the termination of fifteen minutes Bell secured the first goal for Dumbarton, getting a second a few minutes afterwards, Aiken, the International man, doing the needful. In the subsequent play the Aberdeen forwards utterly failed to pierce the admirable defence of the Dumbartonians Ketchen in his attempts to do so showing really good work. The Dumbarton now had a throw in near goal, the ball just grazing the top bar. After a few more strenuous attempts to score, during which a foul was given against Aberdeen, Dumbarton scored the third goal. On the ball being kicked off the Aberdeen forwards ran the leather well up the field, and one of the strangers' backs kicked it through his goal, the point being received with loud acclamation by the spectators. With 3 goals to 1 the game was continued with energy on both sides. Dumbarton, pressing their opponents hard, succeeded in getting a fourth goal from an admirable kick by Barr, one of the backs. The Aberdeen goalkeeper here received a well-deserved cheer for his admirable defensive tactics, saving more than once in capital style. Shortly before half-time Aberdeen got a corner, which, however, was made nothing of. At half time the score stood: DUMBARTON, 4 goals; ABERDEEN, 1 goal.

On the resumption of hostilities the right wing of the Dumbartonian carried the ball beautifully up the field, but it was shot wide. They followed this up with a corner, which, however, proved resultless. Play now became more even, both custodians getting a good deal of work. A corner having fallen to the strangers, the ball was beautifully placed by Aiken, and an easy goal was scored, making the fifth for Dumbarton. Dumbarton continuing the pressure, succeeded, after a short scrimmage, in once more scoring from a beautiful centre by Low. Clark next took the ball along the field, but Stewart saved goal. The leather was thereafter quickly transferred to the Aberdeen goal by Aiken and passing in capital style to Low, that player scored the sixth goal, Bell almost immediately afterwards securing the seventh. Aberdeen now began to press, and Clark centring the ball, Lumsden put it through making the second goal for the home team. Encouraged by this success Clark once more got the ball, and, passing the backs and half-backs, scored a third point amid great cheering. The Dumbartonians, however, retaliated and added two more goals in quick succession, Dewar immediately afterwards sending the leather through again by a long shot. Towards the end of the game Low did a beautiful run up the field and scored. When time was called the score stood: DUMBARTON, 12 goals; ABERDEEN, 3 goals.

The play of the Dumbarton team was the finest ever seen in Aberdeen, their passing and dribbling being unsurpassed. The nervousness of the Aberdeen half-backs greatly interfered with their play, but, considering the splendid team that opposed them, their play was on the whole fair. The Aberdeen goalkeeper also exhibited a tendency to over-anxiety, and this defect militated against his success, though he did some good work in the course of the game. Both the backs did their utmost to avert defeat, working extremely hard, particularly Key, while Glennie and Hinton at half-back must not be omitted in any distribution of praise. The forwards, fighting as they had to do against several of the finest players in Scotland, who have taken part in international matches, showed good form. The Dumbarton play needs little comment. Their front rank, especially the centre forward, appeared to the best advantage, and many a useful "tip?" has no doubt been picked up from their mode of play by the Aberdeen men. Mr McKay of the "Scottish Umpire" acted as referee and his decisions gave general satisfaction.

This was the first ever visit to Aberdeen by Dumbarton FC.
The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; Thomson, Key; Emslie, Preston, Hinton; Clark, Ferry, Ketchen, A. Lumsden, W. Mackenzie


Dumbarton Teamsheet:  Taylor; Stewart, Barr; Leitch Kerr, George Dewar, Tom Macmillan; Lapsley, Low, Bell, Riddel


Referee: Mr McKay

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