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AFC - Match Report
match report 1887-88 fixture list
Montrose 6 - 0 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Key o.g., Keillor, Mackie 4, ?        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Links Park, Montrose
These clubs met for the first time this season on Links Park. Montrose. The home team won the toss, and Ketchen, for the strangers, kicked off. The ball was well returned, but the Aberdonians repeated the attack, when a well-directed shot was smartly fisted out by Chapman, the Montrose goalkeeper. Still pressing, the strangers kept the sphere well in front of their opponents' goal, but relief was ultimately found by the ball going behind. For at least fifteen minutes, the leather was kept travelling up and down the field, and it seemed as if the period would close without a point being obtained by either side. Mackie, however, got on the ball about mid-field, and finished up a splendid run by sending in a "stinger," which took effect. Key, by a misjudged kick accelerating its passage through the uprights. The strangers had still quite as much of the game as their opponents, but the combination of their forwards was very unsatisfactory, and on this account doubtless were their determined efforts to equalise of no avail. Keillor, the Montrose left wing, who was playing a capital game, having made a beautiful run from midfield to within a few yards of the Aberdeen goal sent in a fast shot, which fairly beat Wood the custodian, and added another point to the Montrose score. Ends were shortly afterwards changed, but the Aberdeen players fell away considerably, and the locals had consequently very much the game to themselves, Other goals were notched by the Links Park men, while the visitors were quite unable to pierce the impregnable defence of their opponents, and the game thus ended in a win for the home team by 6 goals to nil. For the Aberdonians Ketchen, Fitzgerald, Haslewood, Lothian, and Key were most conspicuous for their brilliant play; while for the home team Mackie, Keillor, Mitchell, Hampton, and Wilson did the hardest of the work, the former notching 4 of the 6 goals scored.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 5th March 1888

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