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AFC - Match Report
match report 1888-89 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 10 Third Lanark
Kick Off:  4:05 PM   Clark, Ferry       Oswald, ?, Oswald, ?, Hannah, Johnstone, Hannah, Thomson, Oswald, Johnstone  
Attendance: 1,000
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The 3rd L.R.V. paid a visit to Aberdeen and opened for the season the premier local club's grounds at Chanonry, Old Aberdeen. There were about 1000 spectators. The weather, delightful to the on lookers, was of too warm a kind to be thoroughly appreciated by the players, who, before the game finished, showed signs of fatigue, which on a cooler day would not likely have exhibited themselves. Play commenced at 4:05. Aberdeen, losing the toss, had to kick off against the sun, and play for the first 15 minutes was of an exceedingly fast and equal nature. Aberdeen managed to visit their opponents' ground quite as often as their own end of the field was in invaded. A hot scrimmage took place in front of the Volunteers' posts after fifteen minutes' play, the ball having been brought up principally by Ketchen. Immediately afterward Glennie had a tussle with Auld, and managed to send the ball to Ketchen, who by a long pass let A. Clark have it. This latter player, though hardly pressed, succeeded in sending the leather past Downie, and the first goal was registered to Aberdeen amid applause. A few minutes afterwards a. pretty piece of forward play was witnessed on the strangers' side, which was ended by Oswald equalising. This same player had a good try a minute later, and within the same period of time Wood cleverly saved. A succession of shots was here sent in by the south men, who experienced hard lines several times in not scoring. A fine rush down the field by Ferguson was almost successful, and the next incident was a foul in front of the Aberdeen posts, which ended in the second point to the 3rd. From a corner Oswald put in another shot, and the game stood 3-1. After hot play another goal was secured to the Volunteers from a corner, and immediately following the kick off, Hannah rushed the ball through. A fine piece of passing ended in another good shot, which went through, but the goal was disallowed. Johnstone, however, just at half-time was successful, and the game stood: 3rd L.R.V., 6 goals; Aberdeen, 1 goal.
On resuming, the Aberdeen had a run down on the south goal but their own was afterwards besieged very often. The halfs and backs; however, defended well. Hannah then with a clever head shot got past Wood, and the game stood 7-1. The latter was again called on, and responded capitally. The Aberdeen men then invaded, and Ferry got a chance which he took full advantage of by scoring the second goal for the home team. From a thrown in Ferry passed to Clark, and Christie got a. good chance, which he spoiled by too hard kicking. The next minute Thomson (inside right) shot the eighth goal for the Volunteers Oswald had another shortly afterwards. Shortly before call of time Johnstone shot the tenth. The game ended with the ball at midfield, and the result: 3rd L.R.V., 10 goals; ABERDEEN, 2 goals.

The exhibition given by the Volunteers was excellent. Their front rank was undoubtedly the best which has yet been seen in Aberdeen, the most skilful player in the team, however, being Auld (captain) at centre half. The Aberdeen, through want of practice, did not come out so well as they usually do. Special mention should, however, be made of D. Wood, whose saving at goal was little short of perfect. It may be of interest to state that the 3rd L.R.V., when playing Montrose on Friday evening, had only four of their regular team with them, the rest being composed of 2nd Eleven Montrose substitutes and others. This fact no doubt accounted, to a certain extent at least, for the result of the game. On Saturday Mr J. McKay (Orion) was referee, Messrs R. Craig (Secretary 2nd XI, 3rd L.R. V.) and. R. Hyslop (Aberdeen) being umpires.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 27th August 1888

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Wood; Still, Key; Glennie, Thomson, McCann; Clark, Ferry, Ketchen, Christie, Smith


Third Lanark Teamsheet:  Downie; Thomson, Rae; Meikle, Auld, Ferguson; Marshall, Thomson, Oswald, Hannah, Johnstone


Referee: Mr. J. McKay, Orion

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