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AFC - Match Report
match report 1888-89 fixture list
The Aberdeen 6 - 1 Rovers
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   J. Clark, T. Wood,        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Play was commenced in the above match at three o'clock. About five minutes from the commencement the first goal was scored by the Aberdeen. J. Clark, from a pass by T. Wood, doing the needful. Immediately after T. Wood had a fine run up the field, and after some good tackling sent in a splendid shot, which the goalkeeper failed to hold. Other three goals were scored in rapid succession, and at half-time the score stood Aberdeen, 5 goals; Rovers, 0. In the second half each team scored a goal, concluding the match with a win for the Aberdeen by 6 goals to 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 24th December 1888

Among the few clubs that braved the elements were the Aberdeen and Rovers, who met at Chanonry to play off a friendly fixture arranged on the Montrose event falling through. The attendance of speptators was meagre. Neither team was fully represented, and the play was of an indifferent character, the soft state of the ground rendering a good exhibition of football almost impossible. Throughout the Aberdeen men held the upper hand, and they managed to give the Rovers? back division a great deal of work. Five of the six goals were got in the first half. In the second period it was expected that the Rovers, with the advantage of a. slight wind, would give Wood some trouble. They, however, only succeeded in scoring once - a goal of the "softest" description. Key, as usual, played and kicked with great judgment, and Glennie was the best of the halfs, All the forwards did well individually, combination being very difficult owing to the sodden condition of the ground. T. Wood, of the 2nd Eleven (who, as stated last week, will fill Smith's place during his absence), proved a very capable substitute, and gives promise of becoming a clever forward. The absence of their usual goalkeeper had perhaps something to do with the Rovers' defeat, but it is doubtful if even Main could have saved at least five of the goals scored. Simpson at back and the two extreme wing men, were probably the best men on their side, the centre forward also doing some useful work. On the whole, however, the match was of a tame nature, and neither team was seen at its best.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 27th December 1888

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